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Afzal Sindhu joins PTI

Pakistan People’s Party lawmaker Muhammad Afzal Sindhu on Monday formally decided to join the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).
According to Media Reports, Afzal Sindhu, who won National Assembly seat form NA-191 Bahawalnagar, has served as federal law minister and state minister for the railways.
According to the sources, he took the decision during a meeting with PTI chairman Imran Khan in Lahore.
PTI’s Secretary Information Shafqat Mehmood confirmed the news saying that Imran Khan has given approval for Sindu’s inclusion in the party.
He said the lawmaker would make an announcement soon.

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  1. SKfro said:

    Im disappointed Imran is accepting these scums from PPP.

    Finally a prayer: Death to every jiyala.

      • unis said:

        Everyone who joins PTI is a clean guy whatever his past. As a nation we hold double standards and feel no shame changing our principles. That guy violated party discipline by supporting a non-party candidate in his constitutuency and party took action. Is it not corruption?

        • unis said:

          Some PTI corrupt person is on the editorial staff of Pakistan Today who is blocking all non-corfmist comments.

      • unis said:

        Sindhu is not a clean guy and he violated discipline by supporting a candidate of his clan contesting from other party so he is a dishonest man

    • PTIuk said:

      SKfro, please grow up, it is not your dad's party.

  2. Beenish said:

    This should be appreciated n I hope these new comers prove to be the best for our country’s future. We need nothingelse from them.

  3. @AdeelKhi said:

    He is not bas reputed, if somebody following him. Those who think that every politican is bad, he may have other opinion

  4. MMWaqas said:

    I know this man. He is a polite and noble man. Good Entry!

  5. Malik Tariq Ali said:

    Afzal Sindhu has a good clean record. It is PTI's gain and PPP's loss.

  6. shah jee said:

    I personally dnt know him but as my friends say he is a good guytehn it's good news.

  7. Chaudhry Boota said:

    Now that he has Joined Maran Party…he is clean…what effing empty headed idi*oys of PTI

  8. Razzaq said:

    @Chaudhry Boota, This is all typical middle class Punjabi urbans facebook, youtube type people above here who are not even 5% of Pakistan's population.Let them enjoy their majority here, because in elections they will do nothing but crying.

    • fighter said:

      You Mother Fuckerjust like our political heroes. …

  9. saleemkhan said:

    PTI is becoming " DHOBI GHAT " Where every one washes their cloths clean but still smells .

  10. saad said:

    wow thats great im form bahawalpur i know him better than other. he is really a good man. geo pti

  11. Fighter said:

    IK will kick Nawz and Zardari Ass. Just wait

  12. Asfand yar khan said:

    Afzal sindhu is a clean man, he had never done any thing wrong in his tenure . he joined pti because he thinks that pti will perform best for the pakistan. i am his grandson 🙂

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