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Govt trampled people’s wishes on NATO supplies, says Imran

Opposing the resumption of NATO supplies on Saturday, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan said the decision was contrary to the wishes and expectations of the people of the country.
Addressing a large sit-in on GT Road, Khan said, “The nation is against the war on terror as it is America’s war.”
The sit-in was arranged to protest the resumption NATO supplies and it was participated by PTI workers and stalwarts from all over the province and the Tribal Areas.
Amidst sizzling heat, thousands of PTI workers poured in Peshawar from all over the region and staged a sit-in on the main GT Road. PTI workers chanted slogans against the government and demanded an end to all sorts of relations with the United States.
Khan said Pakistan and its people did not have any concern with the war on terror as “it is America’s war. Pakistan must disassociate itself from it without any delay”.
Khan said the US was only interested in safeguarding of its own interests in this region, adding that “it was not with terrorism, militancy or even human rights.”
The PTI chief said the entire nation had insisted on linking the restoration of NATO supply routes with an end to the US drone strikes but it was astonishing that without ensuring that, the government had allowed supplies to NATO troops camping across the border in Afghanistan. Khan said all US drone victims were Pakistani nationals. “There are no foreigners,” he said, demanding the government take out a list of the names of the victims of drone strikes.
Leveling corruption allegations against the government, Khan said billions of rupees were embezzled every day. He said “right from the president to the common worker of the ruling party, all are involved in corruption and malpractices”.
Khan said the ANP leadership had also broken all records of corruption in joining hands with Asif Ali Zardari.
Reaffirming his support to the chief justice of Pakistan, Khan warned of staging what he called a “tsunami rally” in Islamabad if someone jeopardised the sanctity of the Supreme Court. He said the government needed to obey all directives of the Supreme Court otherwise it would lose its right to remain in power.
Khan said the PTI was determined to make a new Pakistan where people enjoyed equal rights and privileges without any discrimination, adding that the PTI was going to set up organizations for the propose.
He said the PTI would lead a jirga to Waziristan by the end of September to ensure the return of peace to the region.

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  1. Nelta John said:

    The Supreme Court of Pakistan i tso operate impartially with no influence of political parties. Imran Khan is hell bent on political march in support of the Court. Imran Khan two main areas of concern are appeasing the Taliban and support for the SC,

  2. Nelta John said:

    For example China is fighting terrorism on its soil and is not fighting a US war. Is Imran Khan saying that by ending all relations with the US on its wad that will be the end of terrorism in Pakistan?

  3. Nelta John said:

    It is a sad day for Pakistan. The People do not have a better choice than Imran Khan because other leaders have failed. Listening to Khan and his arguments there is not much hope for Pakistan. Another north Mali will be the new Pakistan

  4. nazo said:

    Imran khan is garbage.Lover of Terrorists Planted by I SI.A hate speaker and lover of disasters
    He along with Chief Injustice of Pakistan Shareefs and Khakies are bent upon enslaving the liberals and giving command and control to filthy BEARDS
    visit http://mullahmilitarymilitantsandjudiciary.blogsp

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