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Aisam, Faha decide to split

Pakistani tennis star Aisam ul Haq and his wife Faha Akmal have decided to end up their eight month long marriage, media reports said on Sunday.
“Pakistan Tennis star Aisamul Haq has sent separation papers to his wife Faha Makhdoom after the couple failed to develop understanding between them,” reports said.
“Both the families met in London recently and decided to break the relation,” it added.
Both entered into the relationship in December 2011 at the Garrison Golf and Country Club Lahore.

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    • saania said:

      aisy family meaning??? they are a decent family. we shouldnt talk like this about those we do not know personally at all and most of all leave judgement to Allah. He knows better.

    • Nawaz Khattak said:

      Sharam tum ko magar nahi aati..what makes you think that they are 'aisi' family. apnay ghar aur gareban main jhanko..You a shameless character who speaks without thinking..typical jahil…laanat tumhari sooch par.

    • pashtunyar said:

      These sort of things are never decided in haste…at the end of the day, some marriages fall apart and there is nothing to be ashamed of!

  1. shazia Ahmed said:

    itna expense shadi par devote kia,kuch expense shadi se pehle istakhara par bhi devote kar dete tau aaj yeh din na dekhna tarah tau hota he,is tarah k kaamo mai…

    • m ali khan said:

      aap bath sahi kar rehi hain laken hamein is say sabak lana ha

  2. Moona said:

    Males now only look 4 glamour in their wife,,,glamour goes aawy ,,,it is not lasting,,,what is lasting is the true human qualities in a person,,,girl is beautiful but if sh eis not family oriented,caring,loyal then beauty would start biting,,,it will look like killing,,,beauty alone should not be criterion,,,sensibility,being presenatble,confident,shy,modesty,problem solving skill,easy going,educated,friendly,loving,,,family oriented,pleasing nature,,,someone who can bring up kids well and b loyal wife,,who can adjust with ur family and b happy and shares with u are good qualities which should be seen in a wife and yes definitely luck also counts!!!

    • Saania said:

      How do you know what he looked for in a wife or what his family looked for in a a daughter in law. Maybe she was beatiful and all those other things as well. In one minute you spun a long list of inadequacies about the girl. What do you know about the real issue between them or their families. Kindly refrain from reaching conclusions and dont judge.

    • Abdul Wahab said:

      These are the words of wisdom which very few of us keep in their minds. Hats off to you Moona for brilliantly conveying the truth. If we had more sages like you around, the world will change. Excellent.

  3. Moona said:

    the thing which is imporatnt is not istekhara always,,,what is important that we start practising Islam,,,we earn HALAL,,remove obscenity ,,,do not do corruption,,,donot misblame people,,,donot b jealous of others,,thank Allah,,b patient when there is sorrow,,pay zakat,,,follow Islam,,,and yes istekhra also but as instructed in our religion!!

    • Abdul Wahab said:

      I fully agree with you. Our salvation is in being a true muslim only. Nisar has the right to disagree but he is right in the sense that we are neither muslims nor infidels. But we can't succeed ultimately if we don't act on what you said. We will have to adopt Islam in its pure form, of course in accordance with surroundings. Meaning its basic principles will never change but outwardly appearance will be moulded. For example, if Zakir Naik people, dressed in suit, speaking good English, aware with the technology and broad minded, disagreeing with the most provocative contents humbly and softly, increase in number, we can expect to perform better. But Mr. Nisar Malik, if we divorce Islam from life as reflects from your views, we will play havoc. We have to get rid from Mullaism but for that we will have to acquire islamic knowledge side by side worldly knowledge.

  4. Tahir said:

    I will disagree with moona, why girl has to settle with boys family, boys has to do the job of settlement. Girl has already left her father's house and what else boys family want. Shame to the mentality in which we don't give respect to the weak. only Man has to be made happy, only Man has to enjoy all the authority and respect. Come back to islam, and start realizing the fact that the true liberation given to women is by Islam only, and only practising islam can bring peace to both husband's life and to both wife's life. Please correct me if i am wrong.

  5. Hannah said:

    I agree with Tahir…how about listing qualities in a husband???…it’s a shame how blaming the wife is the first thing that comes to our minds…!

  6. Ahmed Nawaz via Face said:

    @ Javed Iqbal….Agree with you…..

  7. Daddy said:

    Unless you are in their shoes, you don't know the inside story. There is no need to jump to conclusions. We don't know who was at fault. Maybe they were just not compatible. Its there personal life. It does not affect any of you so you should keep out of their business and mind your own. Respect their privacy.

  8. Xulfiqar said:

    marriages have become a joke nowadays. SAD.

  9. Mufasa said:

    Moona shut up!! You are talking as if you know what the problem was between them and practice what you preach on one hand you are giving lecture on how a true Muslim should behave and you yourself are blaming the girl for not being a good wife where you have no clue of what could be the reason of this news or even it’s true or not ..

  10. AAMIR said:

    Islam, gives absolute authority to men!! thts why woman is counted as half witness.
    Aisam did the right thing he got rid of pain in the neck!! he cud get more, pretty, loving, caring, educated and young girl in Pakistan.

    • Nisar Ahmad said:

      Here comes another male chauvinist p*g…!

    • Anon said:

      If you have a marriageable daughter, you can approach him. You are not looking for cash though! Right?

  11. Sobia Abid said:

    Allah keray assa kuch bhi na ho. May Allah Bless this couple very happy long life Ameen.

  12. Zeeshan said:

    Bad ..naheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. i don't believe this………..

  13. Little Sparrow via F said:

    its really sad news …..i'm so sad

    • Nouman Younas said:

      yes.. after media hype.. now their parents rejected claims

  14. Aye Sha Malik via Fa said:

    Lets all go shake Tom Cruise's hand for setting shitty trends.

  15. tikki said:

    As usual,everyone is ready to put their opinions to good use not even knowing anything,besides,its not your problem,let them deal with it.Who died and made you someone to start judging.I guess media writes about this kind a stuff to let you know whats going on with the famous.And typical,people start dragging Islam and religion into it.

  16. Umer Iqbal said:

    Guys, I know the internal reason …. Actually Aisam is infertile and can't get erection so Faha finally decide to split and soon you guys will get the real story

  17. Zainab said:

    No surprise there. They got married in the month of Muharram. Their marriage started in the month of grief..thus it was supposed toeet such am ending.

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