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Let the people decide

CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry speaking at the dinner hosted by the Balochistan High Court Bar Association said that the SC stood for supremacy of the constitution and the law would not accept at any extra-constitutional measure in the country. He assured the lawyers and other people on behalf of other judges of the SC and HC that the judiciary will continue to play a role in implementing the constitution and the law.
Every law abiding Pakistani wants the rule of law in the country in addition to speedy justice but unfortunately the implementation of court orders is the responsibility of the executive. When the government considers an order impossible to implement because it contradicts with the constitution and the PM implements it, he will be charged for contempt of court. This is the position held by both the judiciary and federal government led by the PPP.
Due to the existing tussle between the judiciary and the govt, the country and people are suffering.
I wonder of the time, as an ordinary citizen, when both the judiciary and people’s elected government’s prime responsibilities would be the welfare of the people. Why are both state organs not able to find a solution where the court order is also implemented and the govt is also not pushed to the wall because of it?
Why is the court not ordering the Attorney General to write a letter to the Swiss Court instead of ordering the PM to write the letter? It should be remembered that the previous letter was also written by the Attorney General to close the Swiss case.
Why was this case not taken up and decided upon by the Swiss courts during Musharraf’s regime? Why is the superior court not prepared to wait for the new elections and the new government when the immunity to the current president would not be available? Why is the judiciary only interested in pursuing the NRO case? What about the eight thousand other cases? Why does the judiciary have to be politically active in the state’s affairs?
Both the judiciary and the politically elected government support democracy however the people’s will barely has a place in the running of the country. Both the judiciary and government are interested in proving which institution more adequately represents the will of the people. Let the people decide what treatment their representatives deserve in the next elections.

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