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Firing at Peshawar judicial complex kills one

A man was killed in a firing incident by a miscreant at the city’s judicial complex early Friday morning.
According to police, the attacker was arrested along with his weapon in front of session judge’s room. The firing was sudden, that killed a litigant who showed up in connection with his case at the judicial complex.
The sudden opening of gunfire spawned stampede at the complex.
According to police, the interrogations have been begun with the miscreants. Meantime, the body of the deceased was shifted to nearby hospital.
Police said the incident could be a result of old enmity.

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  1. Worst said:

    The most worst days for Pakistan.There is no name of government and law in Pakistan.Where as enemies are taking advantage of these occasions and destabilizing our country.

    • SKfro said:

      Yes these really are the darkest of times for Pakistan.

      I dont think our enemies have to do much, all are probably doing is purchasing popcorn buckets, taking a seat & watching Zardari & Co, Nawaz & co. drown this country.

      Finally a prayer: Death to every Jiyala.

  2. Chaudhry Boota said:

    the question is even if security nab them…then judges either run away like pervez ali shah (mumtaz qadri case) or let them free like maulana abdul aziz, malik ishaq by CJ.

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