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Be answerable to your workers now!

Emergence of descendants in the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Sindh-Circle has put PTI Chairman Imran Khan in deep trouble, it is reliably learnt.
Imran Khan, who arrived in Karachi on Wednesday on a two-day visit, has faced immense criticism from party workers over appointment of Nadir Akmal Laghari as President PTI Sindh and Hafeez-ud Din Advocate as a General Secretary Sindh without consultation with the members of PTI Sindh Council.
The workers have shown reservations over delay in dissolution of PTI Sindh for party elections ahead. PTI Chairman Imran Khan was taken aback when workers came down heavily on him during PTI Sindh workers meeting on Wednesday.
Telling inside story of PTI Sindh workers meeting with the party chairman, some workers who claimed themselves Khans’ day-first supporters and founders of PTI, told Pakistan Today that the chairman stumbled at the start of the meeting when the participants raised accusing fingers on him over appointment of Nadir Akmal Laghari as PTI Sindh President and Hafeez-ud Din Advocate as General Secretary.
They said the workers had raised objection over Nadir Akmal Laghari President PTI Sindh and claimed that a Saraiki-speaker had been appointed to represent Sindhis. They claimed that Nadir Akmal Laghari, who was appointed as PTI Sindh President on March 31, 2012, had no idea about problems of the province and expressed fear of uprising in ranks of PTI Sindh Council. They also made hue and cry over non-dissolution of PTI Sindh for free and fair party elections in the provinces despite dissolution of PTI leadership in all provinces for party elections.
They also criticized appointment of Syed Hafeez-ud Din Advocate as a General Secretary of PTI Sindh. The workers asked Imran Khan about reasons of delay in dissolution of PTI Sindh for party elections. A member of PTI Sindh Council asked a question that why Makhdoom Javed Hashmi, Makhdoom Shah Mehmood, Jahangir Tarin and Khawaja Hoti were feeling hesitation to invite the like-minded constituency winner for participation in PTI.
He alleged that those who joined PTI recently were just ‘opportunists’ and they were waiting for the right time to rejoin their ancestral political parties on their terms and condition. The workers requested PTI Chairman to ensure justice in the party before providing justice to 180 million population of the country after winning the coming general elections,” they added.
Responding to questions raised by the workers, the PTI chief requested workers to show patience. “If you think that Nadir Akmal Laghari and Syed Hafeez-ud Din Advocate appointment was unjustified then you should contest against them in the party elections,” Khan said. Describing reasons behind delay in dissolution of PTI Sindh circle, Khan said that Nadir Akmal Laghari had joined party three months before and he should be given some time to show his performance. Party elections would prove that who is suitable for which post,” Khan told workers.

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  1. Syed Ali Raza Zaidi said:

    "Khan said that Nadir Akmal Laghari had joined party three months before and he should be given some time to show his performance."

    What is this happening in PTI ?????????
    A guy has joined the party just three months ago and he has become President PTI Sindh??????????
    This is, by no means, tolerable to any die heart political worker of course

  2. Rao M A Raza said:

    Ham na hun hamaray baad ALTAF ALTAF, Hay Naqeib-e-Inqeilab ALTAF ALTAF, Haq ke hay khiuli keitab ALTAF ALTAF

  3. Adil Ahmed Dayo said:

    pakistan today must tell the realities that in the end all the workers went happily and it wa s a great motivation for workers because in pakistan No Other Political Party chairman had ever met with their workers and answers to their questions .IK is the first who met with workers and clear their concerns … Nadir lagheri and Syed hafeez ud din are the best persons in sindh on these POSTs 🙂

  4. Salman Farooqui said:

    A great example of true Merit. PTI selection is based on "true merit", not on just loyality.
    That's the beauty of Tehreek e insaf. If one is deserving, he has to be on top. Unlike other parties like where selection is based on Loyality, Nepotism, favourtism, and being on the same family they will get a senior most position and others stayes at down.
    2} A great thing again IK listened to the criticm from his workers, see workers are so encouraged to speak up about everything in Party. This again a thng never seen in Pakistani politics. In other parties workers sit before their party head, as they are from lower class and the workers have no right to speak.

    Party elections are being held very soon, that's up to the members and workers to select the representative.
    Imran Khan Zindabad

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