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The ambassador didn’t get it!

American Ambassador Cameron Munter has either misunderstood or misquoted my discussion with him regarding Pak-US relations, said Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan.
Speaking to reporters at the Karachi airport as he arrived in the city for a two day visit, Mr Khan said that PTI is neither pro- nor anti- the United States. It takes a position based on its policies. Thus, the party has consistently opposed the American war in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s partnership in it. Mr Khan further added that events had proven the party’s stand to be correct as Pakistan had suffered immensely after associating with the United States and providing it help in the Afghan war. The country became the target of a wave of terrorism in which over 35,000 people lost their lives and the Pakistan economy suffered a loss of an estimated 71 billion dollars.
But the Chairman PTI said that this position against Pakistan’s participation in the war on terror taken in Pakistan’s national interest does not mean that the party is anti-America. Talking to the American Ambassador in this regard, Mr Khan had said that the party would react to US policies that it disagreed with but would seek to build an enduring relationship with it based on shared interests and mutual respect. Mr Khan said that it was this particular part of the interaction that had been highlighted by the media and not the fact that he had candidly told the American Ambassador that the party cannot support the reopening of NATO supplies or any other activity that furthers the American war effort in Afghanistan.

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  1. saleemkhan said:

    Only Khan Sahib gets it and no one else . What a euphoria .

    • shoaib said:

      Read about Imran khan in detail and you will know his stance ,, we should stop acting like suicide bombers either we want everything perfect or we dont want it at all

  2. Nelta John said:

    The Ambassador got but Imran Khan is a two-faced cat.

  3. khalid said:

    Mr Munter said it correctly that the great Imran khan and the Lion of the Punjab "Nawaz Shareef", are not against the USA. Every person in Pakistan knows that in order to be popular among the voters the leaders spew venom against the USA, but in one to one meeting with US authorities they bow down with respect and submit to protect the interests in this area.

  4. Daddy said:

    Why doesn't he just go to Dubai or London for a few days like zardari and nawaz do whenever they are in trouble. Its not wise to respond and react to media reports. Let the story die down.

  5. Anon said:

    Munter gave him a good run for the money. Love it …

  6. shoaib said:

    criticism for the sake of Criticism , he never said he is against America , he is against policies of America he said million times , so why people dont get it ? We dont believe anything said by American but in this case we believe each alphabet Muntar said ?? now where is long term policy maker Jews and American ?

  7. shoaib said:

    We are two faced bunch of losers , not american they know what they are doing , they know Imran is popular in Pakistan and he is against American policies so they could do anything to destroy his image so he never come in Power

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