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Haqqani refuses to cooperate with SC

Former Pakistan ambassador to Washington, Hussain Haqqani, on Monday has once again refused to appear before the Supreme Court in the memo scam case; saying that his right of appeal was affected due to the proceedings of the Memo Commission as it had exceeded its jurisdiction. He raised objections regarding the Memo Commission report and requested the apex court to annul its findings. Haqqani stated he could not come back to Pakistan due to security concerns and medical reasons but confirmed his availability via video link.
The former envoy said that the commission has overstepped its boundaries. The task of the commission was only to hold an inquiry; however he was put on trial. He claimed that under Article 10- A of the Constitution, he has not been given a fair trial; the commission had recorded a statement by Mansoor Ijaz, but had deprived him of the chance to record his. “Despite several prejudiced petitions, the Memo Commission held me responsible for the Memogate,” he said in his report.

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  1. J Khan said:

    There it is a very strong evidence in support of dual nationality.

  2. Daddy said:

    ppp wants more foreigners like haqqani the traitor to come in and rule and conspire against the country and then run away. Perfect reason to not pass the dual nationality bill.

  3. Grazar said:

    This absolutely vile man has no interest in Pakistan. Nor does PPP.

    Hopefully this will be a lesson for the Judiciary to not be lenient anymore & to send them all to hell asap.

  4. Zulfiqar said:

    Hussain Haqqani has never been a US citizen. These are the lies spread even before the Memo case was manufactured. It is no secret that HH is a Pakistani citizen but like C. Nisar, IK and many his wife is a dual citizen of USA.
    Just like the Rehman Malik case, Memo is a whole lot of nothing and a big waste of time and national resources. Three HC CJ chase an open enemy of Pakistan to record his statement. Yet they do not touch cases that are pending for decades without a hearing. When the Memo case started even a kid knew what would be the verdict. Yet HH was allowed to leave Pakistan by the same court! Another replay of Ray Davis case by the judiciary and a big waste like suspending Malik and forcing him to resign only to come back re-elected! After his extensions end, this same court would allow HH to come and live in Pakistan with full honor.

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