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Indian passenger plane lands in Nawabshah

An Indian passenger plane made emergency landing in Nawabshah airport early Monday morning.
According to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the airplane of Air India had to make emergency landing owing to a technical glitch.
According to the CAA sources, the passenger aircraft was en route from Abu Dhabi to New Delhi with 130 passengers on board.
The plane contacted control tower and apprised them of the technical snag, after which the plane was given green signal to land at Nawabshah airport. No passenger was hurt during the landing.
The sources said the plane will be flown to its next destination after the malfunction is removed.

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  1. Ram Parkash said:

    Pakistan will be gracious enough to look after the passengers and return the Indian plane.

    • Asif said:

      Pakistanis are not like Indians. They will treat the passengers with respect and return the Indian plane. Pakistan does not need pathetic Indian plane any way. We can buy a better plane in the junk yard.

    • innohunter said:

      We aren't like the indians who shoot down planes for fun. We haven't forgotten what you did to Atlantique. We even let your strayed military helis land on our military base and refuel them .

      • Indian said:

        We also take care of our pakistani guests like Kasab, who are served biryani in jail.

        • innohunter said:

          TBH, Hang him or let him rot in jail. We hardly give a toss about him.

          • Ram Parkash said:

            Come on folks show me some respect. I am a Pakistani Hindu. Lol

          • Anon said:

            Chewing toe nails (instead of writing comments) might be intellectually more compatible for you …

          • Ram Parkash said:

            Mr Anonymous, you might think so whilst sitting in America but there is no need for me think in those terms whilst being in Pakistan. I am as good a Pakistani as you once were. Lol

  2. balachandran said:

    reaction to this event is not acceptable by educated cultured people of both countries. Here was an opportunity to help each other which the Govt had done it. let us appreciate and enlarge,. let us not abuse each other with low caliber. wake up. world is changing .

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