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Drones serving the purpose: Munter

Defending CIA drone attacks in the Tribal Areas, US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter on Saturday said the attacks helped eliminate terrorists, the common enemy of US and Pakistan. Talking to reporters during a farewell visit to Balochistan, Munter said the US was committed to obliterate the safe sanctuaries of militants who attacked both Pakistanis and Afghan people. US drones fired at least 10 missiles in North Waziristan Agency on Friday night, killing at least 21 people a couple of days after the NATO supplies were resumed. Munter said the drones targeted militants having safe havens in Pakistani areas near the Afghan border.
However, independent sources say civilians are often killed in US attacks, which in returns prove counterproductive and provide the militants with the opportunity to recruit locals. US reiterated that Washington was concerned over Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline deal. Munter said hat Pakistan conveyed a “positive” message by resuming NATO supplies. Munter also said Washington was concerned over Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline deal.

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  1. Daddy said:

    If the purpose is to turn people against this ppp govt and the army for allowing the drone attacks then the US is certainly succeeding. It is also making the people hate the US more and more everyday. PPP govt will pay a heavy price in next elections.

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