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Implementing planned projects, for a chance, would indeed help industry

With the implementation of various projects, the overall Industrial sector is projected to grow at 4.1 percent during the ongoing fiscal year (2012-13) with major contribution of manufacturing sector, which will expand by 4.4 percent. The manufacturing sector would grow by 4.4%, while 3.0% and 7.5% growth rates have been fixed for large scale Manufacturing and Small Scale manufacturing respectively, official sources said. The main growing industries in 2012-13 would be chemicals, automobile, pharmaceuticals, electronics, leather products, paper & boards, cement and non-metallic minerals.
Similarly Textile sector is expected to grow at a higher pace in 2012-13 as it is expected that its products would be exported in huge quantity to European Union after approval of concessions by WTO to Pakistani textile products in February 2012. The exporters are expected to comply with different international obligations, like ISO Certifications, produce and export quality product and ensure timely exports. The sources said that for promoting the industrial sector during the ongoing year, Rs 2,049 million have been allocated to manufacturing sectorn including Rs 775 million for Ministry of Industries, Rs 612 million for Ministry of Production and Rs 227 million for Ministry of Textile. Major manufacturing projects to be carried out are include, Establishment of Chromite Beneficiation Plant at Muslim Bagh, District Killa Saifullah, Balochistan (Rs 104 million); Woman Business Development Centre, Karachi (Rs 59 million); Red Chilies Processing Centre, Sindh (Rs 256 million) and Water Supply Scheme for Hub Industrial Estate phase-II (Rs 247 million). In addition the funds would also be utilized for the projects like Meat Processing and Butchers Training Centre, Multan (Rs 265 million) and establishment of Castor Oil Extraction Plant at Uthal District Lasbela (Rs 300 million). Similarly, the major projects of textile to be executed during the year include Pak-Korean Garments Technology Training Institute, Karachi (Rs. 300 million); Lahore Garment City Company, Lahore (Rs 587 million); Faisalabad Garment City Company, Faisalabad (R. 499 million) and Providing & Laying Dedicated 48 inch Diameter Mild Steel Water Pipeline for the Pakistan Textile City Karachi (Rs 637m).

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