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US loses we win, says Khosa

Punjab Governor Latif Khosa has said that committed stand over NATO supply issue by the democratic government and apology by the USA is the success of democracy.
He was talking to reporters after inaugurating second International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Business Management (ICIBM-2012) at a local hotel on Wednesday.
Khosa said Pakistan Peoples Party’s government kept NATO supplies suspended for more than eight months and this was done for the prestige and honour of the nation.
He said the money to be given by USA is not for NATO supply but the amount was already due.
To a question, he said strong and developed Afghanistan was essential for Pakistan. “We all want powerful democracy in our neighbouring country,” he stressed.
Khosa said media was the fourth pillar and playing a ‘vital role’ for the development of democracy, supremacy of the constitution and welfare of the country.

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  1. furqan_ali said:

    No Khosa sb!

    Its actually, Pakistan loses PPP wins

    • Dar said:

      I agree.

      In all PPP calculations, Pakistan ALWAYS loses and they gain. They should actually put an 'A' in front of 'PPP' and become the APPP. 'A' Standing for 'anti'.

  2. Daddy said:

    Did this hair dying MF ever read the statement? There is no "apology". There is only a "regret". Like all other ppp workers, this illiterate bastrd could not even read the statement and somebody must have read it to him. He probably does not even know the difference between "apology" and "regret". If these are the best leaders ppp can produce, then Pakistan is doomed.

    • desi said:

      LOL,I agree,he's not the only jet black hair dying MF out there,they all look the same,they all have few things in common,they all dye their hair,they all lie,they are all corrupt and they are all illitrate and above all,they all follow the same rule.Just look at the new PM,with his black hair,he looks like he has never before worn a suit before,tried and failed as the energy minister,he becomes the PM and acts like he will change the world,B – – – – please.They don't read statements,they follow and cover eachothers.

  3. Dar said:

    This man is not fit to be Governor. He is not fit to be anything more then he is, a mouth piece for Zardari.

  4. Shariq said:

    Winning and losing has nothing to do with this situation. His brain is falling with hair.

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