Peccavi | Pakistan Today


The people of Sindh are, indeed, unfortunate because what they are witnessing in their home province during this democratic dispensation in the country is nothing short of ruinous. It is no wonder they have a spineless chief executive and street urchins at the helm of affairs. Corruption has become the creed of our current rulers in the province and organised crime has become the order of the day in the province.
The upper Sindh districts including my home district t Larkano, and other districts such as Kashmor/ Kandh Kot, Jacobabad and Ghotki have become breeding grounds for hardened criminals.
It is reported that the local political leadership, pirs and local police station constables on duty are partners in crime. The brazenness of our provincial rulers who obviously are well aware of this pervasive crime and corruption (and those that are partners in it) pains me a lot. Is this revenge of feudal lords and provincial bureaucracy from the democracy loving people of the province? If so, then, it is the ‘best revenge’ indeed.

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