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Revival and promotion of sustainable agriculture stressed

The Damaan Development Organization organised one-day seminar with the title of ‘Discourse on Sustainable Agriculture’ to explore different models of sustainable agriculture challenges and opportunities, loss of traditional knowledge, impact on farmers and food security.
The seminar was held in collaboration with Sustainable Agriculture Action Group (SAAG), Action Aid and Sungi Development Foundation.
Shoaib Aziz, project manager, Damaan Development Organisation, highlighted impact of climate change on sustainable agriculture and called for revival and promotion of sustainable agriculture.
He said since climate change is a big threat to Pakistan, therefore, farmers should practise traditional knowledge and improve food security through sustainable agriculture.
He said the increasing population and decreasing resources may pose threat to our future generation. He said there is a need for setting up market infrastructure for the promotion of organic produce.
Speaking on the occasion, Khadim Hussain highlighted the role of civil society for the promotion of agriculture. He said that SAAG and other partner NGOS are striving hard for awareness creation and promotion of sustainable agriculture.
Gulfam Dogar said the farmers from mountains in Pakhtoonkhwa are growing medicinal plants and earning good amount for their produce.
He stressed the need for establishment of plant health clinic and requested farmers to link their agriculture to lunar calendar to counter rapidly changing climate in Pakistan. He said alien plant species are destroying ecology and new pests are creeping up to destroy local plant species.
Mehnaz Ajmal Paracha from Oxfam Novib said that present agriculture system is creating inequality and food insecurity. She said forty percent of people are food insecure in Pakistan and small farmers have no say in decision making.
She pointed out that farmers are not getting their rights under labour laws. She lamented that big farmers have representation in legislation process and are getting all benefits from the government but agriculture is no longer profitable for small farmers.
She called for organising a farmers’ association so that they could fight for their rights.

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