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6 killed, over dozen injured in Sibi railway station blast

At least six people were killed and more than a dozen injured in a bomb blast at Sibi railway station late on Wednesday. Police said the blast occurred when the Quetta-bound Jaffar Express was on Platform No 2. Sibi SHO Balakh Sher said six people were killed and more than 12 had been injured. Police sources said unidentified men planted explosives at the platform or inside a bogey of the Quetta-bound train. “The bomb was detonated with using a remote control,” police said, adding that most of the victims were train passengers.

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  1. Asif Naeem said:

    the passengers targetted were returning from pindi,it was a remote controlled bomb which was exploded just as the punjabi passengers got down from the train.why is there no outrage in the media,no condemnation on twitter and facebook.When punjabis are targetted by terrorists there is no outrage in the media.This is the genocide of punjabis that is taking place in balochistan but no one on the tv channels dare speak about it.

  2. Waqar said:

    So, the ethnic cleansing of punjabis in balochistan continues.#PunjabiGenocide

  3. Abid said:

    May Allah curse these Taliban & ignorant people for killing their own fellow humans…

    These savages deserve the worst of punishment in life & hereafter InshaAllah.

  4. PTBP said:

    A conversation between An Innocent civilian and Chief Justice.

    Innocent Civilian:O My Lord, Dear Chief Justice I beg you on my knees Please take a sou moto on this brutal killing as well.

    Chief Justice: Is any Spy agency Or F.C or army in any form involved in this attack?

    Innocent Civilian:No My lord, Mainly BLA claim the responsibility of such kind of attacks.

    Chief Justice: If I take a sou moto on this,what I will get. Will there be any breaking news on T.V Channels or will there be any front page headlines in newspapers.

    Innocent Civilian: What can I say about this. But I think justice is above all these headlines and breaking news.

    Chief Justice: Don,t be sentimental and tell me are you a Member of PML-N of any sort?

    Innocent Civilian: No sir I am not.

    Chief Justice: Do you have any links with any property dealer?

    Innocent Civilian: Again,sir answer is no.

    Chief Justice: You have any links in top bureaucracy. I mean if you can use your links to get a promotion for one of my dear ones?????

    Innocent Civilian: Shocked now, and reply is again negative.

    Chief Justice: Then what the hell are you here for,wasting my precious time. In this time I could have finished very important cases.Faqir Hussain Oh faqir hussain where are you???? come here and kick this idiot out.And also bring NRO files to me.

    Also ask Khilji to check on T.V if the news of my asking for NRO file is running there or not. If not call immediately to Shakeel ur rehman and tell him that I have also asked for file of Tax case against his channel. Also give some food to Abdul Qayyom siddique at the door. I do not want to be dragged in other controversy that I use my pets inhumanly.

    Chief Justice: Then what the hell are you doing here

  5. Zeeshan Majeed said:

    The blood of Punjabis is cheap in pakistan,no one in the media cares when Punjabis are murdered by terrorists.#PunjabiGenocide

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