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Allen likely to arrive tomorrow to discuss NATO supplies

The commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, US General John Allen, is likely to arrive here tomorrow (Wednesday) in a bid to press upon Pakistani authorities to reopen the NATO supply routes, which the government blocked in November in a protest against a NATO strike that killed 24 soldiers.
“General John Allen, ISAF commander, is likely to visit Pakistan on June 27. He will call on Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Kayani,” said an ISPR statement. “The interaction will focus on reviewing the progress made in the implementation of the recently-evolved border coordination measures or standing operating procedures,” it said.
However, an official seeking anonymity said the top US military commander in Afghanistan was expected to talk more on the reopening of NATO supplies and various proposals that the two sides were discussing for the purpose.
“We believe that General Allen will speak on an alternative to formal public apology with General Kayani such as reiteration on regret over loss of lives of Pakistani soldiers, which is being dubbed now as a ‘soft apology’,” the official said.
However, he refused to divulge what would Pakistan’s response to the US stance on the apology and its readiness to repeat regret over the air strikes last year be.
He also said General Kayani would raise the vital issue of cross-border militants’ attacks in Dir, which killed several Pakistani soldiers.
UK defence chief: Meanwhile, British Chief of Defence Staff General Sir David Richards called on the army chief at the General Headquarters on Monday.
According to the ISPR, the visiting dignitary was in Pakistan to attend the National Security Dialogue between Pakistan and the United Kingdom. The two discussed matters of mutual interest.

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  1. sarfraz said:

    NATO is bring more damage to this country..John Allan should be answerable about Dir Balla Attack…Why to worry NATO Supplies…?

  2. Ajaz Haque said:


    Leon Panetta is lying when he says Pakistan has suddenly made the demand for apology again! The demand never went away, only Mr. Panetta and Obama Administration has a hearing problem

  3. Ajaz Haque said:

    As commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, General Allen is primarily responsible for the deliberate and deadly attack on Salala.

    With instructions from Washington, he was trying to test our resolve. He knows the answer now and as a result, the land route has been shut to him for eight months. So, General Allen him stand in front of the cameras in Islamabad and offer a personal, genuine and a humble apology for deliberately killing our soldiers. We can then decide if this apology is enough to move on.

    Pakistan should make one thing very clear, land route is a privilege granted to them by Pakistan and not their right.

  4. Nano Thermite said:

    The USA army also knows that Israel did 9-11 false flag using nano termites. The confession is by Alan Sabrosky clearly and multiple times on youtube and to a purda clad iranian woman.

  5. Nano Thermite said:

    The USA army also knows that Israel did 9-11 false flag using nano termites. The confession is by Alan Sabrosky clearly and multiple times on youtube and to a purda clad iranian woman. Panetta may be the defense secretary now, but his mentality is still the CIA mentality of a covert criminal and thief. In addition, his family background is that of walnut farmer where they employed illegals and harassed and blackmailed them. the italian mafia is well known but the khazar mafia is stronger and more beyond reproach. the yanks should sort things in their own country first. It is well known that FBI failed to catch the khazar Madoff. The rapist khazar roman polansky lives free in europe. Khazar Kagan has been appointed to supreme court there to further dent the system. FBI reluctantly caught khazar rabbi ring involved in human organ trading linked to israel hunting palestinian for organs.

  6. Nano Thermite said:

    This topic was discussed in extensive detail in the comments on

    and the videos linked there.

    and this one is quite humorous

    The bottom-line is that United States either suffers from a cognitive defect at the top policy making positions. Or the other possibility is that there is severe evil or malice on the top.

    Why is the US currency being printed by a PRIVATE federal reserve cabal of khazars ?

    This inevitably leads to wars.

  7. Rothschild said:

    Yes, we need a mercenary army to recover our loans.

    In the American cities and counties, we have mercenary police. Every mayor gets elected by city rich financing his campaign. He is often a jew. The police chief he appoints and the officers are a mercenary police force. Many chiefs are white spanish morano jews.

  8. Ajaz Haque said:

    As NATO Commander in Afghanistan, General Allen is directly responsible for death of 24 Pakistani soldiers. Let him earnestly, sincerely and whole heartedly apologize to the soldiers and the nation, then perhaps we can move on and discuss opening the land route, which by the way is not a U.S. privilege, buta couresy extended by Pakistan.

    • Anon said:

      Atleast they can get partially pregnant, I hope …

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