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JI chief lauds philanthropic contribution of private sector in health, education

The establishment of a Blood Bank and Women Hospital in the city of Karachi was a promising step that Al-Khidmat Welfare Society had taken and whatever they have done so far and whatever they would do in future was only to please the Almighty Allah.
Jamaat-e Islami (JI) Ameer Syed Munawwar Hassan expressed these views while addressing the inaugural ceremony of Blood Bank and foundation stone laying ceremony of Women Hospital under the auspices of Al-Khidmat Welfare Society (AKWS) at Al-Khidmat Hospital, Nazimabad on Saturday.
He said it was the private sector that had played its dynamic role in providing facilities to the poor and deserving people irrespective to their cast, creed or colour and for that giant contribution, the philanthropic hands from the private sector deserved due regards and applause. JI Karachi chapter general secretary Naseem Siddiqui performed as the compeer of the ceremony while JI Karachi Chapter Ameer Muhammad Hussain Mahenti, JI Sindh Chapter Deputy Ameer Dr Meraj Ul Huda Siddiqui, Al-Khidmat Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr Kalim Khan, Roche Pakistan Country Manager Shabbir Halai, Umair Sana Foundation Chief Dr Kashif Ansari, Dr Saquib Ansari, Al-Khidmat Welfare Society Secretary Engineer Abdul Aziz and other leaders were present and addressed.
We were not obliging any individual or group of people with the provisioning of facilities for the benefit of the people but we were thankful to the Almighty Allah that had enabled us to carve out such means so as to serve the deserving humanity and in this regard, again that donors from private sectors had played a splendid role, he said adding it was the private sector that carried out all types of philanthropic jobs especially the health and education sectors were a candid manifest of heavily contributions from the private sector. He said that a step ahead, the private sector was now playing a great job as regards to security amid ongoing devastating law and order situation. The contribution of the private sector was not limited to health, education or law and order but it was the private sector that was doing Jihad.
They were the people from private sectors that were on Jihad in Kashmir, in Afghanistan, in Palestine and everywhere in the world while armed forces of the Islamic countries were simply a sheer symbol of decorative institutions. He said that as doctors had updated him, there were no adverse effects on health of the donor but improved health instead so everyone should come forward to donate blood for the sake of humanity. On the occasion, women offered cheques to the Ameer in donation worth millions of rupees, which they collected through strenuous efforts as they had visited the people of the city door to door for collecting donations. Speaking on the occasion, Blood Bank Project Director and JI Sindh Chapter Deputy Chief Dr Meraj Ul Huda Siddiqui said that the mankind was Allah’s family and serving the humanity would ensure Allah’s blessing in return. The establishment of Blood bank and Women Hospital under the aegis of AKWS was a sign of our determination that we would not see any poor die because of compulsion of not affording medical expenses. He said that the Blood Bank and Women Hospital were a gift for the people of the city.
He said that every care would be taken to keep the world standard and the Blood Bank and Women Hospital would certainly follow the ‘AA’ and ‘BB’ protocol. He said that 70% of country’s total population was the youth so there should be no crisis of blood if the youth of the country was motivated and mobilized. AKWS Secretary Engineer Abdul Aziz in his address said that there would be no male in the Women Hospital but from the office of Medical Superintended to lower staffer, all would be females.
AKWS President and JI Karachi Ameer Muhammad Hussain Mahenti in his address said that AKWS had always been a spearhead during incidents of natural calamities such as the quack in 2005 and floods in 2010. AKWS had been continuously imparting its philanthropic services to the deserving and affected people across the country. He said that JI was not fame hungry party but believed in practical service to the humanity. The unprecedented high rate of killing and accidents in the city and the country called for giant level steps for provisioning of the blood and blood by-products, which were much below the requirements. AKWS had taken a step ahead ensuring no human dies of paucity of blood or due to lack of money. All services at the Blood bank would be offered to the needy people with 80 percent discount, he asserted.
Umair Sana Foundation Chief Dr Kashif Ansari on the occasion announced to launch awareness campaign in association with AKWS for raising blood from voluntary donors. Al-Khidmat Hospital MS Dr Kalim Khan said that Al-Khidmat Hospital was started with 12 beds, which was now upgraded to 600-bed hospital. He said that the facilities available at the Al-Khidmat hospital were of world standard while all services were being offered at a discounted price only with a theme of catering to the deserving humanity. Roche Pakistan Country Manager Shabbir Halai said that although Roche was commercial institution but it would go hand in hand with AKWS for its welfare projects. He offered first 300 test of HIV would be performed by the Roche.

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