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Militant group of Sindhi nationalists calls for armed struggle

From slums of Karachi, Sindhu Desh Liberation Army (SDLA) has started making its presence in urban part of the province, it is learnt.
SDLA, a militant group of Sindhi nationalists, has started promotional campaign for Sindh as ‘separate state.’ The members of the SDLA have started attracting the Sindhi speakers, residing in the metropolis, for armed struggle for a separate state. SDLA has targeted Sindhi dominated areas in the metropolitan. Representatives of SDLA have made their presence in Ayub Goth, Sachal Goth, Shah Latif Town, Bin Qasim Town and slums of Super Highway to deliver their message of armed struggle for cause of a separate state for Sindhis in Pakistan. Earlier, SDLA launched a series of blasts at railway tracks, state-run National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) and recently attack on a passenger bus near Qazi Ahmed in which 13 passengers lost their lives. Few days back, some unidentified persons started wall-chalking at the above mentioned areas of the metropolis. Some posters of SDLA were also seen in these areas along with the road side. In their message to the Sindhi speakers, SDLA claimed that the Urdu-speakers in Sindh were trying to establish a separate province in Urdu-speaking dominated areas which may result into destruction of Sindh. They are trying to convince new comers that Sindhis too should start an armed struggle for Sindh as an independent state like Balochistan. They are trying to draw attention to the discrimination being meted out by the central government. Taking the Balochs as their role model, the SDLA has lauded their efforts in getting world’s recognition and tried to convince Sindhis, who, according to them, have been deprived of their rights by centre for decades. SDLA representative told the citizens of Sindhi dominated areas of the city that SDLA would launch an armed struggle like Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) for making Sindh an independent state. They claimed that the centre was exploiting the natural resources of Sindh against a very low royalty to facilitate Punjab. They termed political parties of the Sindh particularly the ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) as ‘opportunists’, and blamed that the political parties were using the Sindh card for attaining power. They tried to convince nationalists that Sindh was rich in natural resources but despite the fact Sindh was the country’s most poor province. Making above mentioned points as cause of the movement, they requested Sindhi speaking citizens of the metropolis to join SDLA to get their rights.

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  1. a.buxani said:

    The Hour is not that Far when tha Splendid of Sindh shal be restored.the only thing we need to make this thing happen is an International Unity of all Sindhis regardless of any religion that migrated out of the Sindh and the remaining Sindhis in the motherland.
    We should emulate the Jews with their never dying determination restored the Glory of their Nation..Hail Sindh!

    • care said:

      zioni,pakistans is a muslim country,and the misguided people you talk are as many as donkeys in the hordes of lions.

  2. Mj Standard said:

    Hahaha SDLC is just another game by India RAW, Israel Mossad & USA CIA. In easy words this army is a puppet of above agencies. That's it…

  3. bilal said:

    i think these were the guyz who bombed in sindh at 16-18 place a month ago !

  4. SamNizamani said:

    I dont think so,I am a Sindhi myself. I've never seen or heard about this kinda SDLA. Where you've seen it buddy ? Stop misguiding.

  5. humair said:

    This fact is as fake as the photo itself. the media is misguiding the public. This is the conspiracy of international agencies to declare Pakistan as Fail state.

  6. Zamaan Silro said:

    toyally fack and unfounded report… this trying to create drit among the peacefull people of Sind after failed attempt of muhajor suba…same party is patronising such news against our dear nationalist..Although the Picture that is posted on is from somalia…and of African tribal fighters,,,It is requested to PAkistan today,report should be verified before publishing it…Because it hurt papers crediability,,, …..

  7. saleem said:

    the media is misguiding the public….. in my point of view there should be a sdla….. who fight for the freedom,, because in pakistan no any future of sindhi people…. all the injustice mentioned above in the artical are absolutely right…….

  8. Ghulam Akbar Hamaiti said:

    there are many reasons for no fight but history shows us that no nation get freedom without fight (Che)

  9. Anonymous said:

    Why are they hiding their faces? AFRAID or ASHAMED or their acts? LOLz

  10. Mansoor Malik said:

    this news is fake totally fake i hae visited sindh 15 days ago for nd i havent seen anybody like these guys and guys see the pic correctly the african little childs u see also this news si fraud…

  11. rahujo said:

    this is false and fabricated propaganda against sindh.

  12. Sachal said:

    First thing the Picture is some where from Africa not Sindh, 2nd all the Sindhi Nationalist even those we don’t recognise Pakistan; who are demanding Freedom don’t believe in Violence,Leader of all these Sects namely Jeay Sindh etc is Sain G.M Syed who preached non-violence, Peacefull & secular Movement, there is no any millitant in Sindh, it can be a conspiracy by Pakistan agencies to start operation against Sindhi Nationalists.

    • Ramzan said:

      Sachal is right, it can be conspiracy by ISI to start operation against Sindhi Nationalist esp Jeay Sindh Group who made a big demo on 23 March of this year in karachi for Freedom.

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