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Aitzaz concludes arguments in Speaker ruling case

Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan, counsel for Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, on Monday concluded his arguments in the Speaker ruling case.
A three member bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry is hearing the case.
Completing his arguments Counsel of the Prime Minister Aitzaz Ehsan said the Court has no authority to disqualify any Parliamentarian. He submitted that the case is not maintainable as the ruling of the Speaker could not be challenged at any forum.
He said that the sentence awarded by the apex court to the Prime Minister does not fall in the purview of the disqualification. He said that the Supreme Court in its verdict has not disqualified the Prime Minister.
Attorney General Irfan Qadir submitted written reply on behalf of the Speaker National Assembly before the Court. In his remarks he said that the Prime Minister while respecting the court appeared before it thrice. He said the petitions against the Prime Minister are politically based.
The court observed that the debates are held on the media without thoroughly reading the verdicts of the court. The court appreciated the Aitzaz Ahsan’s arguments.

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  1. Shahid Malik said:

    Aitzaz Ahsan,
    Expect no justice from a Familygate tainted Chief Justice. It was your mistake to work so hard for a corrupt man like Iftikhar to get his job back. He is minting billions and still continues to claim being a crusader against corruption.

    • Haleem said:

      In knew even before the lawyers movement that CJ was a corrupt person. Musharaf's allegations were correct. But he adopted a foolish way to remove him and political parties made it into an issue against Musharaf, and this corrupt man became hero. But still he cud not get rid of his SHO mentality, and thought that people who supported him were foolish.

  2. Truly Speaking said:

    Pakistan can have a president who by default is an accomplice to a criminal act of money laundering. Speaker of the National Assembly has no authority over the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The sooner this man is replaced the better and sooner this government is replaced, even better. Pakistan must have new general election now.

  3. zafar said:

    Aitzaz Ahsan is an intellectual in real sense. He fought for judiciary at the cost of his wealth and health. Dictator could not stop him, he even offered him the post of Prime Minister which he rejected out rightly and continued his historical struggle and finally achieved his target. Now he is trying to save democracy. This process should continue despite very odd circumstances. This would help us to find out the right track of progress and prosperity. We do not have any better alternative. His outstanding efforts shall be appreciated by all at the end.

    • Hamid Khan said:

      The matter is very simple. all this controversy is about the money looted by Zaradri. The whole country is hel hostage to save the skin of this crook president. Aitzaz on wrong side. He even changed his position. If Zardari and Gilani are eliminated thing will get better. Look they are raping the natioin every single day

      • Haleem said:

        You seem to hv some personal enmity with Zardari. Your hate for Zardari seems to overcome your patriotism. This extreme simplicity of mind and foolishness to think that country will get better after illegal removal of PM or Presidence. The only way is thru constitutional means and thru general elections. Crisis will deepen and country will be destroyed by institutional crisis. It is better if SC remains within its domain.

      • Saqib Tahir said:

        How can you call Zardari corrupt with no proof and iftikhar innocent with all the proof of his corruption. If Zardari is corrupt then why these PCO judges could not convict him despite all the efforts of four regimes and also despite the PPP specific special law, specific police, special prosecution and special courts?

        Aitezaz and other government lawyers are banging their head against a wall of prejudice and judicial dictatorship. Now time has come that all PPP governments stop defending themselves in front of these biased judges and parliament and assemblies openly pose a no trust on these judges and ask attorney general and other government lawyers to stop appearing in fron of them.

  4. Chaudhry Boota said:

    Aitzaz is guilty of supporting a chief justice…who is now exposed as thief justice…who want to end corruption was blind to his own son's doing under his nose…shameless creature.

  5. Uncle said:

    The highest authority on law and constitution is the Supreme Court. Speaker is a political position. Speakers may or may not have a law background. To say that a Speaker can over rule the Supreme Court is ridicolous. If, tomorrow, a matric pass person like zardari becomes the Speaker then what will happen to law and order. That person, out of ignorance, will be making decisions and overruling Supre Court decions. Is that the kind of Pakistan we want?

  6. Uncle said:

    The highest authority in the country for law and constitution is the SC. Judges are required to have a law degree and they have to have knowledge of the constitution. Speaker could be a matric pass like zardari with no knowledge of the law. One single person cannot be given the authority to overrule a group of SC judges. It would be dictatorship. Gillani must be stopped before he totally destroys Pakistan.

  7. @Farhan_Imaan said:

    Politicizing judiciary will not be able to do the fair justice, both institutions has to work the same umbrella The Constitution, while people watch the clowns on the left and jokers on the right, its so frustrating. Supreme court must act as it should else people have already lost the hope from almost all institutions.

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