US regretted Salala incident more than 20 times: Hoagland | Pakistan Today

US regretted Salala incident more than 20 times: Hoagland

US Deputy Chief of Mission Ambassador Richard Hoagland said more than twenty times, President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetya and other US officials had regretted and shown concern over the Salala airstrike by NATO. He was responding to questions during a visit to Teradata, Pakistan, on Friday. To another question regarding Pakistan’s demand for a plan, like the Marshal Plan given to European states affected by the World War II, the US deputy chief of mission said Pakistan needed aid and economic assistance which the US was providing. Pakistan also needed to increase its global economic compatibility, he said. Earlier, Hoagland visited Teradata Pakistan to highlight the Global Economic Statecraft Day.
Teradata is the world’s leading analytic data solutions company. Organized by the US Department of State, Global Economic Statecraft Day recognizes that a sustainable future rests on a foundation of economic prosperity and international cooperation. During his visit, Hoagland recognized Teradata’s presence at the forefront of the information technology industry in Pakistan. He highlighted Teradata’s commitment to corporate citizenship, gender balance and geographic diversity in its employment practices, and development of the next generation through its university and apprenticeship program.

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