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SC summons record of the off-air clip

The Supreme Court took notice of the leaked video containing off-air discussion of Dunya News hosts Mubasher Lucman, Meher Bukhari, and Malik Riaz on Friday and summoned the record, according to local TV channels.
Earlier, the footage was released on Youtube establishing connection of prime minister’s son with Bahriagate and an attempt of Nawaz Sharif’s daughter to get a favourable comment from business tycoon Malik Riaz.
The series contains two videos, in one of which Mubashir Lucman is seen receiving a call on his cell phone from Ali Qadir Gilani, son of Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani, and Mubashir told him that Riaz Malik was not letting him name Hamid Mir. Later, Lucman gave his phone to Malik Riaz, and then PM’s son and Riaz Malik talked to each other.
The videos contain a lot of evidence that could potentially implicate many people including Dunya News anchors.

Behind the Scenes Part 1

Behind the Scenes Part 2

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  1. Aftab Khan said:

    The bigger problem here is not whether these anchors were bribed or not. The real problem is that we have allowed such a corrupt system of give and take in our society. I am sure many of you here have had some work to do in a government organisation in Pakistan. It is almost impossible to get your task done without paying someone. The only way to not pay is to know someone who works there.

    My point is that this is our reality. We as a whole have allowed this bullshit to go on since ages, and now if someone talks about rectifying this corrupt attitude people laugh and say, ”Yaar ye to aam si baat hay. Chal chor.”

    This attitude will lead to nothing but more destruction. Stop pointing fingers at others and analyse your own whole days transactions in order to realise who the real enemy is. Self-reflect.

  2. abdul moiz said:

    It's not just malik riaz,a lot of journalists,anchors took money from industriliasts,stock brokers of karachi and politicians to not expose their scams.The entire system rots,it's not just one or two journalists.There are hundreds of corrupt,blackmailing reporters,anchors,columnists.Why just pick on two anchors and let all the hundreds of other corrupt journalists off the hook? more of the blackmaling and corrupt reporters should be exposed.

      • Nabil Ghnai said:

        Smells of rotten flesh. These tricksters and fraudsters. Criminal charges need to be brought against them all including Malik Riaz.

  3. Saad Munir said:

    At least many of the two anchors been revealed who are abusing the whole media industry of Pakistan and poisoning the minds of Pakistanis.

  4. Hamid Khan said:

    What is this. This is a nation of P**ms ans Wh*res

  5. GadehKa Baccha Khan said:

    This is so called "Bloody Press Freedom Without Any Bloody Responsibility".
    Long live the Judiciary! Long live the Nation of Pakistan!

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