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An achievement

It is a moment of pride and felicitation for every Pakistani that Ms Shamshad Akhtar, a renowned economist and ex-Governor State Bank of Pakistan, has been appointed United Nations’ Assistant Secretary General in the Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Ms Akhtar’s elevation to this prestigious post in world’s most celebrated institution’s one of the vital and crucial arm, strengthens the fact that Pakistani nationals are no less than those of any other nation in excellence, professionalism and expertise. Her reaching to this celebrated slot has impressed upon the world that Pakistanis can lead the globe towards a happy and prosperous place.
Ms Akhtar, a seasoned economist with over thirty years of global experience, has an impressive track record of policymaking and implementation in the field of economics, development and finance. During her term as Governor State Bank of Pakistan she was nominated for the award of Asia’s Best Central Bank. Asian Wall Street Journal, in 2008, ranked Ms Akhtar as one of the top ten Asian women professionals. She has served in various capacities in World Bank and Asian Development Bank.
She has been handed over the office at a time when the task she has been assigned is of crucial importance during the global financial turmoil. However, she has rich and broad based development experience at her hands and does possess mettle and courage to do justice with her job.
Ms Akhtar, Pakistan is proud of you.
Mandi Bahauddin

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