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A journey from public to a nation

Resignation of Prime Minister, reopening of Bhutto reference case, demand for new provinces, judiciary-executive clashes, resumption of NATO supply, etc are not the issues of a poor Pakistani. I tremendously believe that an individual who wants to remain alive while living in Pakistan only begs food, cloth and shelter. Security nevertheless, falls in the second phase for the individual as he has to seek food, cloth and shelter while remaining in the uncertain paradigms of security by the law enforcing bodies of Pakistan. For example, a vender has to stand on the road throughout the day in Karachi, no matters, how many fall prey of target killing in the same street. Then whose concerns and interests lie in those issues which are commonly even not known by majority of the public? Let’s have an open debate that whose concern is poor nation.
I don’t think that politicians have concerns as well as interests with such issues as their “political hotchpotch” remains uncooked without preserving their own interests. Allied parties of the government want prime minister to be obstinate and stubborn to show maximum courage against judiciary. While the opposition wants quick resignation of PM Gilani as it desires for early elections. Interestingly, those who are not interpreting the current situation are waiting for worst situation on the other way round. In the corollary, this “political great game” only preserves the interests of the elite whose interests take birth from resignation of PM Gilani and make a new horizon of further interest when NATO supply is resumed or blockage remains there. These interests are the cynosure of hypocrisy and bad governance when the same opposition becomes secret allied of the govt and is attributed as friendly opposition.
This is the approach of a poor citizen whose politicians are conjuring up the elite issues and he is having no electricity in his house at the same time. This is the same poor whose life has been made obnoxious due to target killing in Sindh and Balochistan but his interior minister says that there is complete peace in Karachi. Is there any difference between the subject and the king or is there any difference between the two? O my goodness! The prime minister of Pakistan is asking the public to leave the country by stating “who is stopping them”?
History teaches that a proper leadership is required to bring a huge change. What is the capacity of our leaders? Revolutions can’t be brought through old faces in Pakistan. Block buster strikes back before every election with new promises and dreams but leaves the mass helpless after taking oath. Dear public, we have all those resources which turn a public into a nation. No one would help us but we have to stand up against our difficulties by our self. We have to stand up united against our hardships. For this purpose, the first thing is hard working and second is sincerity. Alas! Both of these merits are rare in us. We are not sincere with our work and duty. It must be highly appreciated if said that to vote right and sincere person is our fundamental duty. A united and sincere group would definitely choose a sincere person for the pragmatic and glorious future of the country. They say that only a thirsty man can tell the importance of water, same like here, where, a sincere and hard working individual would preserve the true norms of his duty in the shape of nationalism and patriotism.

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