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No relief given to poor masses in budget: Senators

The opposition members in the Senate have described the proposed budget as jugglery of word, saying there is not any measurement to eradicate inflation, unemployment and unrest from the country.
The Senate session presided by Senate Chairman Nayyar Hussain Bukhari started 50 minute-late here on Tuesday. Senator Farah Aqil of ANP in her debate on the budget said there was no doubt that the budget had been presented in a very difficult situation, but four year was quiet enough time if the government had some measures many issues would have been resolved.
The government has failed to overcome the power crises in four years as the prime minister in his first speech had claimed to control the power crises, she added.
She said the government had allocated 100,000 job opportunities in the budget, but it should make clear the procedure of recruitment of the jobs, as it was very difficult in Pakistan to obtain jobs without bribe, she claimed.
Expressing severe reservations on the law and order situation, Farah said if all the political parties were not responsible for the poor law and order situation in the country especially in Karachi, then which elements and forces were behind it.
JUI-F Senator Haji Ghulam Ali, while debating on the budget, said, “The budget has been presented for last many years and every government claims to present tax-free budget, however, the reality remains contrary out of the house.” He claimed that no measures had been taken to curb the poverty, price hike and unrest and called the budget as jugglery of words.
He further said that not even a single penny had been allocated in the budget for KP Munda Dam.

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