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The only answer

We talk of big things and big projects but what we have failed to understand in 65 years is that the real talent of this nation exists in manual skills and expertise of individuals, regardless of education and belonging. We have done nothing to harness this resource. We set up cottage industries development departments but they failed due to primary mishandling. We set up small industries development and then SMEDA but we failed again due to corruption and mismanagement.
The primary reason for failures of these half hearted attempt was lack of understanding of the basic purpose and follow up management. Except for few press releases and some pictures taken with hi-profile individuals they did nothing substantial. The solution to this enigma lies in development and strengthening entrepreneurial skills in young boys and girls. Training must be imparted on professional grounds. Secondly, follow up by experts. We have hundreds of thousands of retired personnel who have in their experience rich bounty. They are retired of superannuation age but they can still operate and work. Why can’t we use the pool of such people to monitor these small set ups? One that they can serve the nation and secondly we can use their expertise. Yes, indeed we have to make this corruption-free set up.
Whether we like it or not this is the only answer to the misery we are facing in the economic front. But is there anyone in the government who is sincerely interested in bringing this country out of doldrums? That remains a million dollar question.

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