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Prompt justice

The latest drama in the media about maligning the CJ through Malik Riaz will help the CJP to ensure that the pending cases are dealt with expeditiously. The benefactors in these cases have obviously set up a drama to malign the CJ, but they were not so smart as the CJ who took a timely suo motu action against his own son. The benefactors of all these pending cases appear to have certainly a motive to get rid of the man who is against the corruptions.
It would be best for all the judiciary to take all the pending cases on daily basis and decide all as per the evidences available. Justice delayed is justice not done. The more they give time to the affected persons involved in these cases, the more problems/dramas are likely to be staged. Let all involved get the real taste of real justice, and that too without any further delay. The entire nation hopes and prays that the truth is revealed and the culprits are brought to book with clear and firm orders.

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