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Traffic pollution dangerous for heart patients

Middle-aged and older adults who live near high traffic roads may have a heightened risk of dying from heart disease but the odds seem to go down if they move to a less-traveled neighborhood, a new study finds. The findings do not prove that traffic pollution is the reason for the excess heart disease deaths, researchers say. But they do add to evidence tying vehicle-produced pollutants to the risk of dying from heart problems, Medical Today Reported.
In May, the American Heart Association (AHA) released a report stating that recent studies have “substantially strengthened” the evidence that air pollution from traffic, industry and power generation is a risk factor for heart attack, stroke and deaths from cardiovascular causes. The evidence most strongly points to particles known as fine particulate matter, which is produced from burning gasoline and other fossil fuels.
The AHA recommends that people with established heart disease and other at-risk individuals including the elderly and people with risk factors for heart disease, like diabetes and high blood pressure try to limit their exposure to congested roadways and spend less time outside on days when air quality is poorer.

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