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Asma for urgent measures to resolve Balochistan issue

Former President Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA), Asma Jahangir has called for urgent measures to resolve the Balochistan issue and remove the sense of deprivation among the residents of the province.
In an interview with the BBC, she stated that in a recent visit to Balochistan she has felt that people of Balochistan are now talking about elections and trying to come to mainstream. The situation is very much changed now as people were talking about separation some 2 years ago.
She said that the power shifting from the Centre towards provinces in many sectors through 18th amendment has a positive impact over the issue of Balochistan.
“People are feeling that their province has got its due share in terms of finance and they are of the view that if things are controlled by the province itself then it would have incredible future”, she stated.
Asma Jahangir said it is the need of the hour to strengthen the 18th amendment in Balochistan and to allow people approach towards mainstream and cease the violence from the province.
“Let people of Balochistan decide where they want to use their resources and the Federal Government has to allow them to make their own decision”, she stated.
Answering a query about death threats to her, she termed it a planning not a threat and a clear message for the civil society.
She said leadership of the army does not have capacity to tolerate criticism.
She stated if people of Balochistan were being sidelined, then Pakistan would lose them.

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