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Police officers flock presence in SC annoy CJ

Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry expressed annoyance over presence of flock of police in the Supreme Court without being summoned by the court.
Eight police officers came to SC on Friday to present details of rape case of Faisalabad’s Samina in the court.
On presence of 8 police officers, the Chief Justice expressed his annoyance and said, “Is the work over in police stations that flock of officers has come here for obtaining travel allowance/daily allowance TADA”.
He stated, “Why the 8 police officers come here in the SC without any call, one responsible person should have come with the record”.
The Chief Justice said the SC would direct Inspector General’s (IG’s) to prevent appearing of flock of police officers in the courts without being summoned.
The investigative team of the police told SC that challan has been sent to the trial court of 4 out of 5 named accused and cases have been registered against DSP Khalid and investigative officer of Bataala police station Ghulam Qadir.
Later, the SC disposed off the rape case.

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