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HEC ranking of Pak varsities receives int’l recognition

The ranking exercise carried out by Higher Education Commission (HEC) has received worldwide attention and recognition and the web statistics of HEC website shows increased interest of academia and other stakeholders in recently published ranking results of the Pakistani universities.
In this connection, The Association of Commonwealth Universities UK (ACU) has invited HEC officials to share their experiences of academic ranking and benchmarking in Pakistan at the executive forum of the academic leadership of all Commonwealth countries, to be held from 9th-11th November 2012 in Jamaica. The theme of the conference is ‘University ranking and benchmarking’. The conference will be attended by more than 150 Vice-Chancellors representing higher education institutions from the Commonwealth countries and includes 35 representatives of member institutions from Pakistan. ACU is an international inter-university network operating internationally with its academia members to promote and contribute to the provision of excellent higher education for the benefit of societies throughout the Commonwealth countries.
The focus on Pakistani rankings by ACU-UK further ratifies the credibility and accuracy of ranking experience of Pakistan as one of the good practices at international level. The encouraging contemplation and appreciation of international academic community in Pakistani ranking exercise reflects on confirmation of a noticeable paradigm shift in qualitative growth of higher education sector of the country. Moreover, it will help in increasing the international recognition of qualifications offered by Pakistani universities and the graduates’ mobility.

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