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‘Plot’ to assassinate Asma Jahangir

The Pakistani government should investigate allegations that elements in the Pakistani military and intelligence agencies have plotted to kill prominent lawyer and human rights activist Asma Jahangir, the Human Rights Watch said Wednesday.
Asma made the allegation in a television interview on June 4, 2012, the HRW said in a press release.
Pakistani authorities should urgently and thoroughly investigate the alleged plot against Asma Jahangir and hold all those responsible accountable, regardless of position or rank, said Ali Dayan Hasan, Pakistan director at Human Rights Watch.
“A threat against Jahangir is a threat to all those in Pakistan who struggle for human rights and the rule of law.”
Jahangir told reporters on June 4 that through a security leak brought to her attention by a highly credible source, she had discovered that an assassination attempt was being planned against her from the highest levels of the security establishment.
She said that she thought it best to go public with the information as she feared that she could be killed and a member of her family framed for the murder.
Governments that have lauded Asma Jahangir’s human rights advocacy both in Pakistan and internationally should be alarmed by this alleged plot and should press for a prompt and persistent investigation, Hasan said.

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  1. butt jee said:

    I do not think she is facing any threat to her life. However such like allegations do help in attracting public and media attention. A large cross-section of our society hates this woman for her foreign connections particularly with Bal Thakray of Indian Shiv Sena. She is also widely criticized for her anti blasphemy law views and her support for girls revolting against their parents. Her conduct as a so called Human rights activist in it self is so controversial that it could endanger her life.

    • tariq said:

      You are certainly not speaking for me. People who do not have patience with any opinion other than what they hold to be true are most dangerous for normal functioning societies.

  2. Furqan said:

    oo plz shut up Asma Jahangir! JUST SHUT THE F UP!!

  3. hamza said:

    please do die…but somewhere alone..in a cupboard or something..far from humans

  4. Pakistani said:

    Need I say more? This woman is a limit.

  5. Ibrar Siddiqui said:

    She is a courageous woman…i find the above comments pathetic…and by the language of these comment…she is indeed under threat.

    • Rameez said:

      @Ibrar, These comments reflect the diseased mentality of our society. mullahs have made our society hostage.

  6. Ali said:

    I was shocked to read the comments. What a radical society!

  7. SL DUA said:

    There is pakistan military plot to kill Asma Jahangir, it becomes crystal clear that Military does not want any human rightists in Pakistan, neither it wants rule of law and wants to eliminate all the residual liberal people. It is very difficult for Pakistan to come to terms with 21st century, it wants to remain mired in 7th century.

  8. tariq said:

    I am not sure if this is what you are taught at home.

  9. SAZ said:

    This is typical of any islamic country. You speak and challenge the status quo and you get killed.

  10. A Shahid said:

    This is a cheap popularity stunt pulled by this woman to prop her sagging credentials abroad. No one takes her seriously let alone contemplating a crime on her account.

  11. Sana Ullah Gondal said:

    She doesn't need popularity because she has never been a candidates in election. In most of the cases she has supported usually unpopular causes. Yes she has fought against every military dictator in Pakistan. By the way why are brave forces afraid of a lady who doesn't even carry a weapon?

  12. Asifh said:

    yeh buhat bari cheese hey, koi buhat bari planning kar rahi hey US and Zardari ka saath mill car Army and CIA ka against and hamara media phi hood maze kar raha hey

  13. Parvez Mahmud said:

    She wants to be shaheed but no such luck…

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