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US senator tries to stop Pak aid

A top American Senator has introduced a legislation in the Senate that seeks to eliminate foreign aid to Pakistan until the conviction of Dr Shakil Afridi is overturned and is released.
The bill strips Pakistan of all US foreign aid until Dr. Afridi’s recent 33-year prison sentence is overturned and he is allowed to leave Pakistan.
Another bill introduced by Paul would grant him US citizenship for his efforts.
“Pakistan must understand that they are choosing the wrong side. They accuse Dr. Afridi of working against Pakistan, but he was simply helping the US capture the head of al-Qaida.
Surely Pakistan is not linking their interests with those of an international terrorist organization. Foreign aid has been an abysmal failure precisely for this reason – we give the aid to governments who then turn and work against our national interest. That must end,” Paul said yesterday.
Last week, Paul wrote a letter to the US President Barack Obama, urging a delay in the release of foreign military financing to the government of Pakistan, and to hold all aid until Dr. Afridi, the informant who assisted intelligence services in identifying the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden, is released.
“Until Dr. Afridi is released from prison, we urge you to withhold all unallocated foreign assistance money for Pakistan remaining for this fiscal year. We must send a message not only to Pakistan but to any other countries seeking to use American taxpayer dollars to subsidize their subversion of America’s global priorities,” Paul said in his letter to Obama.

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  1. Shahid Malik said:

    I would like to appeal to all Pakistanis who are earning taxable income from trade, industry, agriculture and all other sources to please pay their taxes honestly. This is the only way we can stand up respectably in the comity of nations. Do not present the lame excuse of not paying taxes due to lavish life style of leaders. We are the ones who elect them. Do not blame corruption for not paying taxes. We are the ones who bribe state functionaries to get undue benefits. No government functionary can get commission or any bribe unless someone who is not a functionary does not pay him. Enough is enough. We should not avoid our responsibility of paying taxes. Once we realise our responsibility and duty, nobody on earth can humiliate us. The white man knows our weakness and is always ready to exploit it to the fullest extent possible. History is witness to the fact that white man has always exploited us.

    • Grazar said:

      Excellent post Shahid. Our 'local' tax collector comes every few days to Model Town Lahore to convince us to give him some money so he can reduce our property tax.

      We all need to stand up and stop making excuses. Lets be clear of our own conscience. Zardari & Gilani be damned (they truly are).

      • KAMRAN said:

        Very good post Shahid. You are so right about taking responsibility. If everybody heeds your advice, we could be well on our way to progress.

  2. Iman said:

    US can't put Pak on ransom, We don't need any aid, if our politicians are honest we can become the most developed nation in the world

  3. @MuhammadYounusB said:

    The U S senators are liberal,even they can also stop the free air to Pakistan.Is it the spirit of democracy.As democracy is very sad and feeling confused about American double ploicy.which is not good for you O1 americans oneday you will become slave too.

  4. Grazar said:

    I truly hope the bill goes through. The corrupt Gilani, Zardari & Nawaz are the only ones who are going to feel it.

    The rest of us having been making do by ourselves anyways. We DONOT need the US Aid.

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