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Pakistan steadfast on principled stance over Kashmir: Khar

Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar has expressed Pakistan’s resolve regarding its principled stand on Kashmir.
Talking to AJK Prime Minister Chaudhry Abdul Majeed on Monday, she stressed upon peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the aspirations of the Kashmiri people.
She said Pakistan had already initiated a comprehensive dialogue with India regarding the core issue, as the government believed that a just and peaceful resolution of the dispute could guarantee regional harmony and peace.
She briefed the AJK prime minister on the comprehensive peace dialogue with India, over which he expressed his complete satisfaction.
Meanwhile, Majeed, who embarked on a seven-day tour of the UK, also discussed the core issue of Kashmir, overall economic situation of Pakistan and the agenda for his UK tour. He also briefed the foreign minister regarding the development projects and the overall situation of AJK.

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  1. KAMRAN said:

    She looks really good in tight jeans. Um um um.

  2. SL DUA said:

    The Act under which Pakistan was created, under the same Act, J&K acceded to India And not like Balochistan forcibly occupied by Pakistan. ALSO a major chunk of J&K territory was forcibally and illegally occupied by Pakistan in 1948. India's stand on J&K is also a principled stand. If pakistan remains stuck, as it has for last 65 years, in muslim-muslim one country stand – which is nowhere in the world – then, the problem is not going to be solved. I think there are vested interests in Pakistan who do not want any of the problem solved between the two countries. These vested interests befool the people by putting forward unrealistic things like: "Mar jaayenge, mit jaayenge, 1000 saal tak ladenge, ghaas khaayenge, par mitaa ke chhodenge, hammare paas atom bomb hai". Arre bhai, agar tum mitaaoge tto doosra bhi tto kuchh karega. Vested interests are ready to do any thing but resolve the problems and go on expressing Pakistan’s resolve regarding its 'principled' stand on Kashmir.

  3. Furqan said:

    Shut up slumdog Indians! Let Kashmir issue be solved according to the will of Kasmiri people.
    Why does India not talk about Kashmiri's will?

    • SL DUA said:

      Upon the face of this earth, Kashmiri muslims are not the ONLY human beings. I have been hearing about the hurt feelings of kashmiri muslims and about their human rights. No and here, I ask you, are the Kashmiri Pandits not human beings, do their feelings not hurt ? Don't they have any human rights ? Why they were made to flee their homes ? why was it announced from masjid loudspeakers that they should leave their young ladies here and flee from Kashmir ? If you deny all this, then, you are not a human being and no use of talking to such creatures i.e. the slumdogs.

  4. KAMRAN said:

    Pakistani FM is prettier than Indian FM 🙂

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