Old enmity claims five lives in Faisalabad | Pakistan Today

Old enmity claims five lives in Faisalabad

At least five people including a woman were killed in an exchange of fire between two groups over a long standing rivalry near Rodala police station in Khurrianwala on Sunday.
Three of the same family Jaffar, Ramzan and Najma Bibi while Akbar and Sabir of the other group reportedly died on spot.
According to police, after a small fight between the children in a nearby town of Faisalabad, in year 2008, an unending fight started between two rival groups.
Since start of the clash in 2008, till date both neighboring groups continued scuffling and quarreling every now and then on the slightest issues.
Today, one group shot dead a rival party’s member Akbar this morning; to take revenge of Akbar’s murder, the other rival group attacked house of the opponents and opened indiscriminate fire on the inhabitants.
The armed attackers killed four persons including a woman of the rival group in their house and fled away.
After getting report, the police rushed to the clash site and moved the dead bodies to hospital in Jaranwala for postmortem.

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