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Hafeez Shaikh terms 5th budget historic

Finance Minister Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh said on Friday that presenting of 5th budget by the current government was a historic moment and the nation should be proud of it.
Presenting the National Budget for the year 2012-13, Shaikh said that the world must watch that democracy was flourishing in the country.
He lauded the efforts of the president, prime minister, National Assembly speaker, Senate chairman as well the parliament for making historic legislations and also acknowledged contribution of the opposition parties who helped make the democracy flourish.
He said that rule of law, election of president, active judiciary, free media, empowerment of institutions and 18th amendment were the outcome of the journey which Pakistani nation started in 2008.

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  1. krahim said:

    Hafeez Shaikh is either asleep in his utopian world or his self-concieted mind does not accept the truth that this goverment at the center has led the country to abyss!!

  2. Shakil said:

    democracy flourish – meant loot and plunder!

  3. Mubashir said:

    Historic in that it shall Fortunately be the last of this incompetent and corrupt Government.. Thank God for that..

  4. rehman said:

    Congrats to PPP for presenting tax free budget and disappointing PMLN and PTI forebodings of failed economy. Those parties who hoped national economy to collapse and expected to come to power on the debris of national economy have their ambitions crumbled.

  5. Reckless said:

    It is PTI or PMLN workers or supporters who are running mad becoz of this fifth year in power. I am sure no doctor will ever be able to treat their madness after next election, becoz next election will also be won by PPP and allies NS and IK will living in a mad house. Rural Punjab, Seraiki area, Sindh and KP are with PPP and allies. It is few Punjabi cities who r crying. Next elections will bring another PPP govt and disappointment for opponents

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