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17 projects underway to generate 20,000 MW electricity

The Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) is implementing a low-cost energy generation plan on priority to help reduce the electricity shortfall and increase the ratio of low-cost hydropower in the national grid.
Under the plan, 17 large projects are under construction or at the detailed engineering stage. These projects will generate more than 20,000 megawatts (MW) of electricity and store about 12 million acre feet (MAF) of water.
WAPDA Chairman Shakil Durrani expressed these views while presiding over a progress review meeting at the WAPDA House. WAPDA members and general managers also attended the meeting.
While emphasising the importance of hydropower to meet the electricity needs in the country, the chairman urged the project managers to complete these projects within the stipulated time.
It is pertinent to mention here that hydropower is the cheapest form of electricity generated through water. The average tariff for hydro electricity is Rs 1.54 per unit as compared to the overall electricity tariff of about Rs 9 per unit.
Earlier, the meeting was told that seven projects with a cumulative capacity of more than 1500 MW are under construction. Out of these, five projects of about 400 MW will be completed in the current year, while the 969 MW-Neelum-Jhelum and the 106 MW-Golen Gol hydropower projects are progressing at a good pace.
In addition, the 4500 MW Diamer Bhasha Dam with a gross storage capacity of 8.1 MAF and the 84 MW-Kurram Tangi Dam with a water storage capacity of 1.2 MAF have also been initiated. Besides, the 1410 MW-Tarbela 4th Extension and the 7100 MW-Bunji Hydropower Project will soon be available for initiating construction work, as the detailed engineering designs of the two projects are almost complete.
The meeting was also told that six mega projects are currently in the stage of their detailed engineering designs, including the 740 MW-Munda Dam multipurpose project with a storage capacity of 1.3 MAF, the 4320 MW-Dasu with storage capacity of 1.1 MAF, the 122 MW-Keyal Khwar and three other projects that will generate 1761 MW.
The meeting expressed satisfaction that the Greater Thal Canal, Khan Khwar hydropower and Mangla Dam Raising projects have been completed during the last couple of years, while the Satpara Dam, Gomal Zam Dam and Jinnah Hydropower Project will be completed this year.

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  1. Naeem said:

    No time line is mentioned, Bunji and Diamir Bhasha are mega projects, and their completion will take five to ten years, these should not be bracketed with other small hydel projects. A false impression is conveyed, as if some solution is there. A misleading piece of news.

  2. ismail said:

    only wind and solar energy is a immediate solution of energy crises…… these projects will take years for completion …….. wind and solar energy can generate 5000 MV in a year or so.

  3. Fezan said:

    Competence and will is there. Funds and support is missing. If peace returns and Pakistan wins the confidence of friends, every project can get funds and support for intime completion.

  4. ibtesam said:

    what is the name of the project producing 400 MW of energy and i thought that it was due to be completed this year

  5. Nayyar Tanveer Ayubi said:

    This Govt: is Working Hard to Overcome Energy Crises.

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