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Lecture on constitutional rights of women held at FJWU

The Department of Communication and Media Studies, Fatima Jinnah Women University, organised a lecture on ‘Constitutional Rights of Women in Pakistan’.
The heads of departments, controller examination, faculty and students were present at the event. Barrister Amna Bano was the guest speaker on the occasion.
She is a lawyer by profession and currently practising in the high courts and has a vast experience of working in this field.
Barrister Amna Bano highlighted the difference between law and constitution. She explained different articles related to the rights of women in the Constitution 1973 of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to the audience.
She also discussed the Hadood and Sharia law in her lecture. Barrister Amna Bano said the problem with our society is that our old norms and values are still in practice.
Women’s rights are not considered as human rights and still violated and their decisions are not taken into consideration.
She was of the view that women are the valuable asset of the society. She said that destroying something is very easy but building something takes time.
She discussed the struggle of various civil sector NGOs, fighting for the rights of women.
The question-answer session was quiet interactive and students participated in it actively.
Shazia Hashmat, lecturer, Communication and Media Studies, gave vote of thanks. She said that such informative lectures must be organised to increase students; vision and knowledge.
Later, Dr Musarrat Anwar Sheikh, controller examinations, who is also the chairperson of Education Department, presented the university souvenir to the honorable guest as a token of appreciation.

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