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Six Pakistani universities among top Asian universities: QS Ranking-2012

Investment in higher education in Pakistan continues to reap dividends.
According to QS World Universities Rankings 2012, 6 Universities of Pakistan have won its place in the list of top 300 Universities, says a press release.
Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) UK is the world’s most renowned and prestigious ranking agency.
National University of Science and Technology (NUST-108) Karachi University (191-200) AKU (201-250) Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) (251-300) and Lahore University (251-300) are now in top 300 Asian Universities of the World.
It speaks volumes of the hard work put in by the management and faculty of these universities and consistent support of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) in terms of improving infrastructure, access to Digital Library, providing quality education, providing opportunities for conducting innovative research, establishing international linkages, engaging in collaborative research with leading international institutions/organizations, participating in international exchange programs and producing graduates who are welcomed by national/international industry, academia and corporate sector. It is essential that this growth should continue and further focus on adding quality in research and education to our other universities as well.
HEC is focusing on development of critical technologies including Biotechnology and Genetics, Immunology, Robotics and Automation, Nanotechnologies, Superconductivity, Computer Vision, Photo-optics and Lasers, Electromagnetics and Microwaves and Nuclear Fusion for Energy, etc. which are important for the strategic growth of Pakistan. The next 5 year strategy of HEC calls for universities building Pakistan. It is important that this vision become a reality. Pakistani universities have produced more PhDs in the last 9 years (3280) since the establishment of HEC than in the first 55 years (3000). Research output has grown eight-folds since 2002 (from 815 in 2002 to 6,200 in 2011) which is a remarkable achievement by any world standards. 80% of these research publications are coming from HEIs. Output has more than doubled just in the last 3 years and is expected to double again in the next 3 years. Nearly 5,000 scholars from Pakistan have been facilitated to present their research work in leading conferences of the world. Researchers from Pakistan have established academic linkages with their counterparts in every leading university of the world in the US, UK, China, Germany, France, Australia, Korea, etc.
Pakistan’s scientists, engineers and technologists are its single biggest strategic asset. Till five years ago, these were concentrated in a few strategic organizations; however, the revolution in higher education brought about by HEC has ensured that every engineering and science and technology university has started to blossom into a center of research and innovation.
HEC has integrated Pakistan and broken the elitist myth of availability of talent only in big cities by providing scholarships to talented student belonging to the middle class and poor segments of the society through a transparent process of merit.
HEC has proved itself a role model federal organization which empowers equal and full participation of all universities and provinces to facilitate higher education for the socio-economic development of Pakistan.

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    • Paksitani said:

      HEC is doing a great job for pakistan by building the strong heigher education foundation ………Just Salute the HEC

    • Sarah said:

      those are university of bombing, university of killings, university of corruption, university of lawlessness, university of ethnic cleansing and university of street crimes.

  1. Muhammad Bin Naveed said:

    The real point is what happens after education. What effect are the disciplines being studied having on the positivity of the country if any? And how many graduates are staying back in the country? Those are the real points. Just being on some list is worthless.

    • Khan said:

      According to HEC 99% stay in country……..only 72 out of 8000 sent abroad for higher studies didnt stay in Pak and those 72 also had to pay back the amound HEC had invested in them with a panelty of 25%…………HEC give one year employment in any organization after completion of studies…….soo dont say anything bad before you know the facts………….as far as development in country is concerned i hold political setup that has failed us many times responsible……….

  2. abid ali said:

    The point of success behind these universities is the no. of students which enter is equal to the no. which get degree.HEC should notice all those universities in pakistan which only create saturation in field i.e these universities give a large no of admissions without providing facilities to those students such as agriculture university faisalabad.As a result these universities produce scholars which are dull,substandarad and without practical knowlegde.

    • Azir Rashid said:

      I cannot speak for other universities but I respectfully disagree with your conclusions if you are labeling LUMS in this category as well. Being an alumni, I can say all of my colleagues who joined at the beginning of the MBA did not attain the MBA at the end, the reason was that they were not good enough.

      The intensity of hard work combined with practical field trips and lets not forget the rigorous case based method of teaching culminates in the most refined MBA student body in the country.

      I can understand that for someone who did not go to LUMS this might be hard to understand, as they would think the work pressure would be similar to their own university experience. The fact is the industry rates LUMS MBA's above any other institution in Pakistan. They are not bound that they must rate LUMS above the rest but choose to do so because they have recognized through the experience they have attained by recruiting LUMS MBA's, that they are by far the most productive on aggregate as well as the most refined for the corporate culture in Pakistan. Over the past 25 years LUMS MBA's have worked their way to the top of the corporate ladder in both Pakistan and across the world. McKenzie & Company the worlds best consultancy recruits direct from the LUMS campus. the same cannot be said for all of the business schools in Pakistan.

      To sum up I will say that if all business schools in Pakistan are created equal than LUMS is more equal than the others. In the end you have your opinion and I have mine.

      Good day to you.

    • sarfraz Khan said:

      I am agree with you, if these things continue then we will repent in future.

      Sarfraz Khan Burki

  3. Guest said:

    but where ar other two , only mention the names of 4 universities of Pakistan in above mention report.

    • asif said:

      its not 4 uni mentioned their r 5 uni mentioned in above discriptn

  4. Aftab Khan said:

    It feels good to see that Pakistani universities are making the ranks once again. Now I can proudly tell other nationality friends of mine that my country has an excellent education system and ranks in the top list………It helps in building a good impression about Pakistan. We seriously need this right now.

  5. Truth Bites said:

    good step but still not be something to proud of, in 300 top asian universities.. would good to see around 10 Pak universities in top 100 asian and 5 or so in top 100 around the world, that will be something to be proud of.till then keep progressing in right direction folks!

  6. AHA said:

    listed only 4 universities where 2 other universities?

  7. Mariam Ch said:

    Really proud of it , atleast in education sector Pakistani Universities are doing well and maintaning the world wide cretria

    • Muddssir said:

      do you people realize that we are competing against people who had 500 percent more literacy rate than us in 1947? Our literacy rate was 4% when India had near 40%, China had near 35%, even now Bangladesh and then east Pakistan had 26%. It is a matter of pride and honour if we can have one university in that group facing that kind of odds. I do not mean that we could not have done better but you have to realize that we just simply did not have the infrastructure or the mindset for this kind of achievement. Also remember that in case of India and China nearly 40% means that nearly twice the people who lived in Pakistan were literate in 1947.

    • M.ASIF said:

      xcuzme madm ,
      how you say that we should proud of it , you know no uni of pakistan in first 200 uni in the world , its want to hard struuggle,

  8. Z.A.Zulfi said:

    I feel proud to be among the Alumni of AKU. It is high time to appreciate governing body and management of all the universities who topped the international ranking. What makes these institution a top one are the hard work, enthusiasm and zeal.

    • fahad azam said:

      relax dude ,, the trickle down effect will surely take place…… will take some time 🙂

    • Zain Mahmood said:

      Touseef bhai this is Agha Khan Uni. Its very good for medical and better than LUMS though not the same fields.

  9. Muneeb Saleem said:

    where is Punjab University , the m0ther of all uni in Paki ?

  10. farooq said:

    they are five which one is the sixth university

    • Saqib said:

      Ur link shows 2011 ranking, this is latest, released few weeks before

    • Amna said:

      This link is for world ranking while the article mentions top ranking in asia only

  11. Iqbal Ali said:

    How does this compare with the list that was issued by HEC recently.

  12. M.Shahrukh said:

    Karachi university (K.u) rockZ……..

  13. Kaashmeeri said:

    So sad to see such happy comments. We should had set our target to be at the top in the world. By the way, we can be at top if Quacquarelli Symonds is encouraged to do ranking for MADRASSAS.

  14. SQureshi said:

    Not in the the list is Punjab University, Lahore. WHY??? Ask Islami Jamiat Tulaba or Their parent Jamat e Islami.
    When you suffocate a place of learning then that place goes down.
    These people will never learn and keep their grip on PU.

  15. Javed Mustafa said:

    If someone places AKU at 201 compared to the higher ranking of NUST, then this ranking is in doubt.

  16. xhaileyn said:

    I think this is factitious article there in no source of information are given and not any valid link which can validate the information given in the article.

    Please give the ranking link.

    I doubted about the ranking of "University of Lahore".

  17. hina said:

    its a good news to see these university among top 300 around the world while on the other hand we have to see the education difference in pakistan also, one can able to take education from these universities by paying higher amount in the name of fees etc while on the other hand child of a poor person can even able to do the matriculation, in we moving around then we easily see that the big difference between education even from lower level had in our society in the form of O level A level or govt school private school

  18. Hafiz Ubaidullah said:

    Very Good! But need to be in top 100 World Ranking…
    Whats about University of Lahore…I think its a best University as it was also in top 500 World Ranking …Right or Not…???
    Punjab University is not on the List…Strange ? Absolutely NOT…As ''Islami Jamiyyat Tolaba'' Has Destroyed this University and the Environment of Study….Should be Banned …Every Student Organization should be Banned …Whats Your Opinion…???

  19. Nadeem said:

    Five mentioned, which is the sixth university to make it to top 300? Do I see my alma-mater UCP making it here anytime soon?

  20. honey said:

    jo log itna proud kar rahe hai wo parh b liya kare

  21. Mubashir Silat said:

    Research output may have grown but the quality has most certainly not, the quality of doctoral work is gauged by the number of citations a piece gets and that has not actually increased. Just increasing the number of papers is not an end in it self. If education has to improve the change has to come bottom up with investment in primary education. As that is the stage where critical thinking is induced and real broad based change could be expected from.

    • tshah said:

      why ?? dude its between 251-300. n that too in ASIA .

      I dont see your point….lol

  22. pr sharma said:

    Appears that news clip probably sent from HEC to media. News report is loosely written, .Despite mentioning six universities in the title names of 4 universities only is given . Ranking of the universities is also not mentioned.
    If this is the standard of HEC office for news report God only is saving the education system. But yes, a good sign at least

  23. kafee; said:

    exgagerrated!pakistan should heavily invest in education to give itself a chance of staying in competition.pushing money in military hardware will pak to nowhere

  24. muzammil said:

    Good, i believe after a long period of 62 years pakistan should have produced good number of universities of repute.there was atime when pakistan had been accommodating students from abroad.

  25. tshirtdesign said:

    What about IQRA UNIVERSITY- no. 1??? 🙁

  26. ziad said:

    and where is university of peshawar…. one of the prestigious university in pakistan

  27. jawad said:

    i think its FAKE lol where is the name of other universities, they wrote SIX universities but mentioned less Y o Y?

  28. aryanazlam said:

    I wonder the ranking is always done by foreign bodies which is always biased. Where goes the public universities.

  29. Masooma Hussain said:

    Thanks God! There is some good news too.

  30. Sadaf said:

    its really a gud news.
    thank GOD khuch to achievement dekhne ko milli… bt HEC should allocate more funds for the universities…..make these universities accessible for the lower class people as well.
    these universities should maintain their ranking bt also try to increase it.

  31. Consumers Eye said:

    The Consumers Eye Pakistan (TCEP) CONGRATULATE the universities chosen best in Asia/ The Consumers Eye Pakistan (TCEP) is a registered social welfare organization of Pakistan an independent and authoritative voice for consumers since year 2005, building a powerful movement to help protect and empower consumers in Pakistan and to create consumer awareness against substandard, unregistered, counterfeit, and adulterated products. The Consumers Eye Pakistan is working to promote and serve for standardization and Quality consciousness culture in Pakistan. The Consumers Eye Pakistan is organizer of Quality Standard Award in Pakistan, collaboration with Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) Ministry of Science and Technology Government of Pakistan and actively involved in improving quality and standards of the citizens of Pakistan. /

  32. sajjad said:

    mention the other 4 university which have top position in rainking ?

  33. tahir said:

    The University of Lahore going very well in a short time period………….

  34. hassan said:

    lahore university WOW means university of lahore 🙂

  35. rajesh said:

    firstly i would say great to the blogger cause you put the great information which could be a hope for students who think that our education is not standard at some extent they are right but it can not be neglect that the above mentioned universities are also one of our native country then why these are only counted its because of their management ,schedule ,Rules regulation ,and the infrastructure including the staff is better and based on merit ,l also recommend that all the Public or private institutions they may also supported by the legal sector either pvt,or gov and play vital role in qualitative productivity.

  36. Dalman said:

    Higher education should be the top priority of our nation (excluding politicians), as the political filth only works for profits from sugar mills and scandals, destroying every institution in the country including education and infrastructure. The nation should unite with the military, clean the political scum, and engage full gears for real development!

  37. mim said:

    Its QS Asian University Rankings not QS World University Rankings data!

  38. arun said:

    Lol, i just checked it there is no pakistan university in qs rankings, not even in top 100. universites of hong kong china korea make top 10.

  39. Akshaf said:

    PEC did not recognize my univ where as we had all the LAB equipment & teachers available, its a great loss for us all students cause without the PEC stamp on our degrees we will not have jobs!!!


  40. Amir rashid said:

    Lahore University UOL is bestest and 4rth among above…:)

  41. mukhtiar said:

    federel urdu unvesty is also good and learning universty unfartunately universty give admision to all pakistan with at least persentage when student coimpleted their degree they are so tallent which no ever talk with openon is that if ku,punjab uni.all the ranking uni allowed admision all pakistan with low persentage then look and compare.the rank.

  42. mukhtiar said:

    in general universtiy in pakistan whicha are ten univrsty ,federal urdu universty at 7 number ranking before they are urdu universty they r college .2004 they become universty ,during the 8 year they produce so talented student which is the part of history in pakistan.coming 4 year they are become top rank univrsty

  43. irfan A Khan said:

    Credit should also go to Prof Ata ul Haq and President Pervez Musharraf for these achievements

  44. Muneer said:

    NUST is doing great. Being a fresh graduate from NUST, I can see the difference. This is really positive that there should be more competition among Pakistani universities as competition leads to proficiency. May one day many universities from Pakistan would be in this list. Pakistan zindabad

  45. Umer Khalid said:

    Ok, so everybody is going crazy having read such good news. Surely its good news but i guess Asia's top 300 universities should not be the target. We should strive for the world's top 100 and iA we will 🙂

  46. Patriot said:

    Dont know much about QAU, but PU and BZU are actually crap … how many international scientific paper they have published, what contribution did they make in international community.

    These ratings are made according to research papers and how many quality PhD any university produces.

  47. A A khan said:

    Is any body asked what is ranking of Indian Universities? Does their efficiency/ performance/ standard match with our versities?

    • Tshah said:

      way better than ours.
      Indian institute of technologies are among the top 50 in Asia and they are 6 of them.
      Their research and advancement in technological fields is way better than ours.
      two of the IIT's also have ranks in top 100 universities.

      Its like NUST multiplied by 50.
      we have a loong loong way to go my brother. i dont see why are we proud for not even being in top 100 of ASIA.

  48. Dameian Green said:

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  49. tahir chauhan said:

    well this is embarissing. where is kpk agriculture university peshawar. i think the hec has a bilnd decesion. and look at the universities whoz got ranking.they are crap by the way.

  50. Salih said:

    This is an encouraging news, i hope very best of luck to HEC and its team. Pakistan has a lot of potential and we have to explore it. This will revolutionized every fold of the country.

  51. abid said:

    I m proud to be an alumnus of the Aga Khan UNiversity. Indeed it is the hardwork, committment and srtive for excellance of both the faculty and students which puts it in the higher rank.

  52. M.Meraj.king.bagro said:

    first of all i felt proud that,we are pakistani and belongs to a muslim country where people leading his life peace,hardwork,and breavely at any time.we being as a pakistani must be adopted that procedure who could be a path toward the progrss.for this hardwork is very important .as we know that in pakistan there are several universties they had counted according to ranking.such as karachi university and nest university etc i hope that in feature added also will go forward in ranking……………………..,

  53. SABA said:


  54. khushidil khan said:

    very happy see about that Pakistan education system in international rank now, Pakistanis have much more skills they are talented but have not to be address from govt and leadership only the one thing is not in Pakistan
    that is
    leadership to support students economy and other good issues

  55. Sajjad said:

    The result is satisfactory though we are not even top 100. This good result goes to HEC, we should not forget that, the HEC given structured by Pervaiz Musharaf government and by his appointed minister Dr. Atta ur rehman, We must say thanks to both. We should also acknowledge that this HEC become a hurdle for Corrupt politicians to be in the politics, also for this , thanks to Dr. atta and team.

  56. Consumers Eye said:

    Karachi Universty got "Quality Standard Award 2010" the most Acclaimed Quality Standard Award in Pakistan. QS-Award is Annual award for the Pakistani organization/ firms, Product/ Services and individuals which have excelled in quality standard management and quality achievement and consumer Satisfaction or ISO, PSQCA Certification. Quality Standard Award is recognition, given to only those who maintains Quality Standards and have given their Products and Services outstanding Excellence to satisfy consumers.
    The Consumers Eye Pakistan (TCEP) collaboration with Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA), Ministry of Science and Technology Government of Pakistan Established Quality Standard Award in celebration of 41st World Standards Day 2010 is to recognize and tribute our quality standard Champions / Heroes of Pakistan, that are considered to be the leaders of Quality movement in Pakistan hence setting the example for others.

  57. tauqeer said:

    hahaha ……… khush fehmi…. in universities main se kisi ki itni ability nhi k pakistan main hi rank get krain…

  58. maria said:

    can sumone quide which university has best repute among islamic, quaid e azam or behria? whch university shud i prefer?

  59. nyexvd077 said:

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  60. eejbac563 said:

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