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Raja warns protests in case unfriendly budget

Opposition Leader Punjab Assembly Raja Riaz Ahmad Tuesday warned the Chief Minister of protests if the upcoming Punjab budget is not people friendly.
Addressing a press conference along with colleagues at cafeteria of Punjab Assembly Raja Riaz said, “Flirty Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has no time to listen rather he is busy in marriages, his autocratically thinking style and bad governance have ruined the province.”.
Raja Riaz stated that Federal government is awarding billion of rupees to the Punjab government as per National Finance Commission (NFC) award annually, but the province has not generated single megawatt electricity during the last four years and they have to answer the masses and Punjab government has not implemented over the decisions of energy conference.
He said the budget is being prepared by the bureaucracy and person who is likely to present budget in the assembly knows nothing about finance subject.
Answering a query, he said special relief would be provided to the masses in the upcoming federal budget.
The Opposition Leader said Shahbaz Sharif is trying to participate in protest rallies and it is more like “cry of a thief”.
He said Punjab government has spent upto 800 million rupees to each and every over head bridge which has no benefits for the general public.

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  1. tariq said:

    Raja Sb.: Would you ever think before you say something. this ramblin of you ill serves you.

  2. Hamid Khan said:

    This illetrate idiot is most dumb person, who cant speak punjabi properly.. You should see his video on You Tube where he could not even read a written statement in spite of three person trying to help him. How cant even spell budget let alone understand Budget. He should just shut up and not open his mouth. If he open his mouth a thick sarya should shoved in his mouth. Another sray should be shoved up his AS*

  3. Malik Tariq said:

    Raja Saheb the city of Faisalabad and its industry are at a standstill, because of extensive load shedding, although their electric bills payment is in the range of over 89%. If you have any honor you should be protesting against this unfair loadshedding which has deprived millions of daily wagers of employment in Punjab, KP and Baluchistan. In Karachi, Larkana and Nawabshah there is hardly any load shedding although electricity theft there is highest ranging from 50 to 40% with bill payment under 63%.

  4. Raja jee said:

    raja ki aayegi baraat
    raja ki aayegi baraat
    rangeeli hogi raat
    magan main naachoongi

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