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Proposals regarding missing persons finalised: Rabbani

The Parliamentary Committee on National Security (PCNS) has announced that recommendations from political parties regarding the issue of missing persons have been received.
Talking to reporters after convening an in-camera meeting on Monday, committee Chairman Raza Rabbani said various stakeholders had forwarded their recommendations regarding the sensitive issue, which would be considered while finalising the draft when it (draft) would be put forth in a meeting of the committee on May 31. The Interior Ministry would be delivering a concise briefing in meeting, following which another meeting, scheduled for the same evening, would finalise these recommendations.
To a question regarding drone attacks, Rabbani said they were against national integrity and sovereignty, and the government’s stance over the issue was quite clear.
“Even Amnesty International has strongly condemned these attacks, demanding their immediate cessation, as being carried out in Yemen and Pakistan,” he said.
Referring to the question on the 18th Amendment, he said an effective implementation of the 18th Amendment could help resolve the sordid issue of provincial autonomy.
He also expressed regrets and concerns over the issues of mutilated dead bodies and missing persons, demanding an immediate end to them.
Commenting on resolutions of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) over the issue of Balochistan, Rabbani agreed that the SCBA had managed a joint consensus of all segments of the civil society, which was agreeable to all.
He also emphasised on bringing Balochistan’s armed dissidents in the national mainstream by offering them unconditional dialogue, without comprising national interests. To another question, he stressed an alliance over national issues between the judiciary and parliament, to ensure positive progress on matters of national importance.

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