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Gilani is convict, doesn’t understand constitutional matters: Imran

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has said Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani is a convict who does not possess any understanding of the constitutional matters and is out to bring the institutions to war path with his myopic policies. Addressing a press conference on Monday, Khan said his party would not enter into an alliance with the PPP, the PML-N or the MQM.
Throwing a challenge to the PML-N’s claims, he said the PTI’s successful rally in Rawalpindi had negated claims about backing of the ISI.
Welcoming Shaheen Akbar, former PML-N leader, who joined the PTI, he said such a change would be a harbinger of a new chapter in the politics of the constituency.
He claimed that dozen of MNAs from the PPP and the PML-N were requesting his party to open its doors to them but they could not do it.
About Nawaz Sharif’s statement over donation for Shaukat Khanum Hospital, Khan said the Pakistani nation donated Rs 200 billion to the hospital every year.
He said Gilani, Zardari and Nawaz, along with the big fish, were reluctant to pay their taxes and questioned how could they demand the nation to pay taxes when they themselves were not paying their taxes.
Expressing dismay over Nawaz’s politics, Khan said after reaching at a secret dealing with the government, the hype created by him usually subsided. Mocking the PML-N move to challenge the NA speaker’s ruling of Gilani’s contempt case, the PTI chief said they knew that the party would follow their precedent.
He also warned that if the Supreme Court’s decision over PTI’s constitutional petition was defied by the government, the PTI would stage a ‘tsunami long march’.
He claimed that Gilani’s government could not survive more than three months.

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