PR engine shed employees continue strike for 13th day - Pakistan Today

PR engine shed employees continue strike for 13th day

The Railways Engine Shed employees across the country continued their protests and a four-hour token strike on Saturday, for the 13th consecutive day.
It should be mentioned that the technical staff of Pakistan Railways has held a token strike for four hours everyday for last two weeks in favour of their demands.
They were demanding an increase in the technical allowance, to upgrade their pay scales and payments against overtime which should be equivalent to double the amount of their pay.
The protestors have said the government has agreed to their demands but that the railway officials were not implementing the orders.
Due to the strike, the railway engines are not allowed to move out of the sheds, causing delays in the train services as passengers are stranded for hours at railway stations in the hot weather. They urged the PR authorities and the government to settle the dispute on an immediate basis.

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