Samjhauta Express tragedy: Raheela Wakeel rejects DNA test by Indian doctors | Pakistan Today

Samjhauta Express tragedy: Raheela Wakeel rejects DNA test by Indian doctors

Raheela Wakeel who came back from India after she attempted to search her missing father there on Friday said that she has rejected DNA test which was conducted by Indian medical board.
Talking to media persons at her residence here, she said that her DNA test should be conducted in Pakistan or a medical board comprising Indian and Pakistani doctors should be formed for DNA test.
She said she visited India to search her father who is still missing there after the Samjhauta Express tragedy. She said during her stay India government imposed restriction on her movement.
Raheela Wakeel said that intelligence agencies personnel were monitoring her activities and movement in India during search for her father, adding that Indian government pasted posters on her restriction at walls of different areas and newspapers.
She said that Indian media published false and baseless news about her and her missing father therefore her lawyer Momin Malik sued the media and demanded Rs20 million in damages.
She said the Indian government offered her at least 1.5 million as compensation money for surrendering the issue of her father but she rejecting the offer told the government to get Rs2 million from her for handing over her father’s dead.
She vowed to continue search for her father till her last breath.
Raheela said Indian secret agencies and police mentally tortured her by asking many questions. She said the Indian warned her not to raise the issue because her father had not boarded in Samjhauta Express on February 18, 2007. She said the Indians accused her relatives for involvement in missing of her father.
She appealed to President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani to play role for recovering her father as they played role for release of Dr Khalil Chisti from custody of India authorities

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