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Preparations for PTI rally given final touch

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf is making final preparations for its rally in Liaquat Bagh, Rawalpindi, to be held on May 27.
According to reports, PTI has been spending money lavishly to make the rally a success, such that banners and hoardings have been displayed on important roads and streets of Rawalpindi and affiliated areas, meant for increasing the popularity of Chairman PTI, Imran Khan.
Meanwhile, a constant competition is going on among the local office-bearers of PTI, who are out to win the goodwill of Imran Khan by displaying his picture on the banners with theirs, in every nook and crony of the city. This so-called contest has given way to lobbying within the party.
Despite all the efforts of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf, the popularity of the party in Rawalpindi appears to be negligible, while the central leadership of the party is not paying enough attention towards organizing the party at a lower level.
Moreover, the focus of the party remains on the display of hoardings and banners only, to which people of the city are almost indifferent.

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  1. NO BS said:

    Well, i sincerely hope the 27 May rally will open the eyes of all that like the rest of country Rawalpindi too will vote for change

  2. ali said:

    Lota factory..Zardari money…agencies backing…Aha change….shame on you a bunch of hypocrites

    • muhammad shahid said:

      such a shame on you who just throghing punjab Government money on pmln jalsa's why why, only to make popular party , but now people knew the real face of your's party .such a shame on you who just throghing punjab Government money on pmln jalsa's why why, only to make popular party , but now people knew the real face of your's party .
      nawaz sherif support zardari on every step whenever his Goverenmet on derailed,

      as zardar said once nawaz sherif is my insurance policey, true very true

      he prooved that nawaz sherif you helped zardari Government,
      and prtending as aginst of zardari in crowed,what a shame,

  3. shakeel said:

    Imran is nothing, he is a puppet of Zardari and agencies. He is not a politician, he is the most Hippocratic personality in the history of Pakistani Politics. He will never succeed Insha Allah.
    With the grace of Allah Allmighty the agent of Jews will never succeed.

      • Ali Abbas said:

        @Shakeel and Rajah … why why are you against Imran what did he do to you or this country ….he has never been in power he is not responsible of the dire situation of the country then why so much hatered against him…it is yet to seee if he is not good enough for the country since he has never been in power then why pls think and beaware GOD is watching be honest to yourself and do the right thing and support him …Nawaz and zardari have been tested and tried

        • Reckless said:

          @Ali Abbas you r 110% correct. I feel PMLN has started distributing money corrupted from its Corruption schemes launched by Punjab govt. The PMLN is out with its usuall political ploy for which it is famous for, namely, BriefCase politics

    • Abid said:

      And you Shakeel are a puppet of ignorance.

      Stop with your conspiracy theories & wake up.

  4. muhammad shahid said:

    he will defiantly win not only win also going to sweep this election Ishallah,
    he is the only true leader in all political parties head's.
    but one can understand when the personal interest of your's cant be achive how you going to like khan sab,mulana fazau rehaman , nawaz sherif and zardari are the true re-presenter of jew's ,they support ever step of jew's lobby ,check last four year and wiki leaks, the imran khan is the tru leader of pakistan,he will win ,inshallah,inshallh

  5. Mohammad Khan Sial said:

    Imran Khan does not speak about the restoration of rights of provinces. Without their support like Sindh, Balochistan, KP he would be failure.

  6. Mirza Ghaui said:

    @shakeel and rajah do u guys have electricity in your houses, if you are ordinary Pakistani then I don't think

    @mohammad khan sail, I bet Zardari and Nawaz will restore provinces rights comeon wake up, at least let PTI come in power then you can judge them better otherwise what you got now just blood sucking monsters.

    • Abid said:

      They probably are not, they are corrupt from the inside.

  7. Saif said:

    Nawaz Sharif gave Pakistan:-
    1.Atomic Power
    3.Metro Bus Service
    4.Danish Schools
    5.Yellow Cab Scheme
    6.Laptops Distribution
    7.Reopening of the historical Pak Tea House in Lahore.
    8.Turkish style underpasses and bridges in Lahore
    These are all the proofs of Nawaz Sharif’s contribution in Pakistan and in his recent era in Lahore and Punjab.May Nawaz Sharif win General Elections 2013 Inshallah.

  8. Javed said:

    Has Nawaz Sharif given a single thing from his own pocket? None.
    This is out of tax-ipayers money; yes one can boast of him if he has not taken the [email protected]

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