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Hamza Shahbaz’s wedding in US, honeymoon in Scotland

The son of Chief Minister of Punjab, Hamza Shahbaz will tie the knot with a Kashmiri origin US citizen lady doctor next week.
Hamza, also the member of National Assembly, will leave for the United States next week with a flow of congratulatory messages from party workers.
According to party sources, the wedding ceremony of Shahbaz Sharif’s son will be held at New Jersey State.
Some circles have shown their surprise over ‘simple’ programme of the marriage, saying claims of Shahbaz Sharif of bringing revolutions for poor seems only to be boastings.
“Such a lavish programme for marriage and then honeymoon is contradictory to claims of CM Punjab,” they say.
Hamza’s would-be wife Dr Rabia belongs to a famous religious family of Kashmir.
The couple would be in Scotland for their honeymoon and later would be staying for a few days at their home in Nathiagali, Murree, close friends of Hamza revealed.

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  1. shakeel said:

    Many Many Congratulations to Mr. Hamza Shahbaz Shareef. Wish you a very happy life.

    • Wasim said:

      how many marriages he will do? seems earned a big money from corruption in Punjab govt funds

  2. Shahid Malik said:

    Father & son are busy marrying again and again. Marriages seem to be uppermost in their minds all the time. Ayesha Ahad Malik is still waiting for justice.

    • guest said:

      there is no justice for women in the courts,,,there is no law in the favour of women,

    • GUEST said:

      for what waiting,,there is no justice nd now days many men cheating marriage in pk,nd after they want a woman should take KHULA,,like aysha ahad case,,its v common in pk,,in saudia arabia if thy do four marriages bt thy know the proper islamic way to break marriage they do not do like pakistani men doing now a days

  3. truth bites said:

    whats wrong with his personal issues here? if they guy can afford to have wedding in US and honeymoon in scotland, whats your problem? however source of fund should be investigate by tax authorities….. but they cant check fund sitting in overseas account can they 😉

    • Wasim said:

      He already married. Had scandal with AyeshaAhad, and now this news. Seems marriage is the only issue Punjab govt is concerned with. Maybe Hamaza embezzled enough money from laptop scheme launched after his scandal. Now new money from laptop,

    • Mohammad Raza said:

      I think issue is not with the marrying again. If is young and has the power so better bring in someone officially. The issue is with the messaging his dad and uncle are speading. When can they start implementing at home. The next step he will take is to apply for US chagne of status from visit visa to green card and then to citizenship. He will get all the benefits of being Pakistani and will flee the country when time comes as foreigner.

  4. Sher khan said:

    Good politics ….One leg in washington & another in Riyadh both are essential …Keep it up

  5. Reckless said:

    Guy truth bites change your nick to Lie OK, that suits better for the comments you post

  6. Hello Pakistan said:

    I feel for this larki….either she is a chutia or he is….either way both are ummar ma kai lorai!!!

    • Citizen said:


  7. Hello Pakistan said:

    On a side note….I want to say that all Punjabis are UMMAR MA KAI LORAI! They don't know their ghand from their face. Funny thing is when I look at a Punjabi, I'm not sure if what I'm looking at is his face or just something covered in tatti!

  8. zahida said:

    Hamza wants make up money and hot girls may be his family cousins all the time around him.

  9. UPDATE said:

    Hamza Sharif was married to Rabia Akram Khan in early 1999 and divorced her after 6 months in Oct 1999 when Sharif family was thrown out of Pakistan. They considered Rabia Khan as jinxed. Hamza Sharif and Rabia Khan both married other people within 8 years of their divorce and both again got divorced. This is their second time marriage which has again ended in less than a year.

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