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Rulers sold themselves for $365m: Imran

The Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Sunday said that present rulers have sold themselves for $ 365 million.
Talking to a TV channel here, Imran said that our 24 soldiers were killed in a 90-minute attack by the Nato forces and yet no apology was sought.
Commenting on US drone strikes in the tribal area, Imran said the Parliament has passed three resolutions against these unmanned aircrafts intrusions. He warned that if these are not halted Nato supplies will not resume.
Reopening of Nato supplies and participation in war against terror will not benefit Pakistan in any way, Imran added.
While commenting on PML-N’s laptop distribution scheme Imran said, the party is afraid of PTI’s tsunami but now no one can stop it.

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  1. RAJAH said:

    Are you accusing the Army ? Every one knows with whose permission Nato supply route has been reopened.

    If you have the courage and can speak the truth, than say that present Army commanders and establishment have sold themselves for 365 million.

    Think before accusing any other Politician, you are the same a liar and dis honest Politician.

    • Anon said:

      Don't ask him to accuse the army. He needs them. He can not do without them …

    • david said:

      shame on you for writing unsubstantiated crap.
      lets see you throwing some facts and figures…and we might listen and care.

      otherwise you are just a shadow of reh_M

  2. A Shahid said:

    When we have rulers like Zardari & Gilani, I believe the US was ripped off on the price.

    • Reckless said:

      And when we have rulers in waiting like ImranKhan who avoid to place responsiblity on army for this NATO deal for the sake of good relations with army, nothing wud change even in future.

      • david said:

        sure a reckless comment:
        why don't you ask your all strong …people supported prime minister to say this on the parliament floor…which he uses for his shameless loot and criminal activity quite often.

        or tell the blabber R_M to throw one of his sick tantrums and give an official statement to that effect.

        nothing like that is ever happening ..because it is just spread lies by Zardari cronies….
        hey…measure up or…S_up

        • RAJAH said:

          David Hmm ! No wonder why you support IK its all in your name.

  3. Shahid said:

    True visionary leader. I love his stance on Nato supply. Pakistani blood is not cheap.

  4. ash said:

    Imran khan has been making big statements.Lets see how honest and credible he turns out to be when he takes charge inshallah! Nothing can be worse than Zardari and Gilani happened to Pakistan!!

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