Pakistan to seek $1b in Chicago summit: Farhatullah Babar | Pakistan Today

Pakistan to seek $1b in Chicago summit: Farhatullah Babar

Presidential spokesman Farhatullah Babar on Sunday said President Asif Ali Zardari would demand one billion dollars in Nato’s Chicago Summit and the reimbursement via Coalition Support Fund that is Pakistan’s right.
The spokesman said President Zardari would present Pakistan’s view regarding war on terror and its dire consequences on national economy.
“We are with international community in fight against this menace but it cannot be won by military means only. Poverty and unemployment are two big reasons of extremism,” Farhatullah Barbar added.

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  1. Anon said:

    One Billion? If Pakistan gest one Trillion, it still would have equal amount of poverty in the country …

  2. Ralphi said:

    Pakistan government motto….beg, borrow, steal, lie, cheat, hold for ransom, blackmail……………

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