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No independent foreign policy for Pak: Munawar

Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Syed Munawar Hasan said Pakistan’s imprudent rulers had lost a golden opportunity for reviving national honour and adopting an independent foreign policy by deciding to restore NATO supplies.
He said a big question mark about the country’s future has risen with the government deciding to restore the NATO supplies on the enemy’s terms instead of taking advantage of the country’s strategic position, he said.
The US slaves running the government could not be expected to take any honourable decisions, he said.
He was addressing a Friday congregation at the Mansoora mosque.
Munawar Hasan said the nation did not know about the objectives President Zardari had in mind for attending the Chicago conference, the invitation for which had been obtained after expending a lot of effort.
He, however, warned that if the nation did not rise at this moment, its future generations would have to face prolonged slavery.
He said the US was signing an agreement with Afghan President Karazi to remain in the region and was also planning to usurp Pakistan’s independence.
He said the first point for normalising relations with the US should have been the dissociation from the war on terror and stopping the use of the country’s territory.
He added that due to the weakness of the rulers, Washington was putting forward its own terms. It had reiterated the demand for action against the Haqqani network and military operation in Waziristan.
President Zardari was going to Chicago on an unseen agenda with the Foreign minister. He said the sole agenda at the Chicago conference appeared to be to increase pressure on Islamabad, to make it apologise for the suspension of NATO supplies for six months and to seek an assurance for the future.
It seemed that an assurance had already been given to the enemy that Pakistan would not protest despite any provocation, he said.
He stated that the Americans had been overjoyed over the announcement that Zardari was attending the Chicago moot.
He said if the NATO supplies were to be resumed in such a haste, why were these suspended at all.
He added that the statements of the Defence minister were amazing and reflected a slavish mentality.
Munawar Hasan also condemned the bloodletting in Karachi and deplored that human beings were being gunned down like birds and there seemed to be no administration at all as all the parties in the ruling coalition were directly involved in the bloodshed.

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