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Massod Siddiqui finalised as OGDCL new chief

Federal Government has decided to appoint Masood Siddiqui as new head of Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL).
Notification would be issued in this regard soon.
According to reliable sources, ministry of petroleum had submitted a summary to the prime minister suggesting names of three officers for appointment as full-time managing director of the OGDCL.
The nominees included Masood Siddiqui, a former chief executive of Premier Kufpec Pakistan, Shahbaz Khan, a director at Hungarian MOL Pakistan and Riaz Khan, an executive at the OGDCL.
Sources said that due to Siddiqui’s vast experience in the oil and gas exploration sector as head of a multinational company Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani in consultation with Petroleum Minister Dr Asim Hussain has decided to appoint him as MD OGDCL.
He said Mr Siddiqui was the petroleum ministry’s top choice because of his experience in the oil and gas exploration sector as head of a multinational company. He has also been associated with ENI-Pakistan as a senior executive.
The post of managing director of the country’s largest oil and gas producer had been lying vacant for more than six months now following the resignation of Naeem Malik who opted to join the ministry of petroleum as the additional secretary instead of continuing as the OGDC chief executive. Since then, Mr Basharat Mirza – an executive director at the OGDC – has been officiating as the acting managing director.
Naeem Malik took over as the managing director of OGDC following a controversial appointment of Adnan Khwaja as the managing director. The appointment was cancelled by the Supreme Court because of his dubious educational qualification and involvement in a corruption case and subsequently becoming a beneficiary of the controversial National Reconciliation Ordinance.

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  1. Anas Qureshi said:

    He has been appointed on the recommendations of Altaf Bhai. Yes, another strategical smart political move.

    • iram khurram said:

      TOTALLY FALSE ALLIGATION…..bro ,dont accuse ppl if u r not sure …LONG LIVE PAKISTAN

  2. Ali said:

    shahbaz khan was the best choice for the subject post

  3. Saeed Khan said:

    I know him since the days he was associated with Premier Kufpec Pakistan. As compared to OGDCL it was a very very small company. Anyhow, let's see how wisely this gentleman can deal with OGDCL's giant workforce, complex inner politics, threats & influences of contractor mafias and undue involvement of bureaucracy & politicians. Above all let's also see how well he will tackle the 4000 surplus third party contractors' employees and also a large fleet of 'fake-degree holders' working as regular employees at all levels in the company ie from staff to GMs/ EDs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    • saba said:

      Inshallah will do well…. by the grace of ALLAH ZOJAL…all nations blessings are with him

  4. khurram ahmed said:

    masood is the nonpolitical person and he is the only one who can take OGDC up

    • Muhammad Sadiq said:

      Agreed, a thorough professional, known for fiing odds. Mr.Masood Siddiqui , highly respected Oil and Gas business professional, will prove to be success for OGDCL and Country.
      Muhammad Sadiq

    • saba said:


  5. Ikram khattak said:

    Really Shabaz khan saab was best condidicate for the said post because performance seen in mol pakistan by each. I appriciated to him really.

  6. Maliha Siddiqui said:

    haters gonna hate. Some people are obviously upset by this because hes not a political puppet. What this country needs more than anything right now is professionals who concentrate on their jobs and not what political party they should associate with

  7. Maqsood Sher said:

    Definitely Masood Siddiqui is an Excellent choice for this position. Beside his quite a capable E&P Background and leadership quality, he is not hungry for money which is very important for such positions. I am sure he has accepted the role only with the spirit of doing something for the country. Lets hope and pray that he stays in the position for good atleast 5 years to transform OGDCL into a high performing organisation.
    All my preyers and Best wishes for his success.
    Maqsood SHER
    GDFSUEZ E&P Egypt.

  8. Javed Iqbal said:

    Masood Siddiqui not only brings hand-on oil & gas industry experience to the job but also the capital markets expertise and highest level of professional values and integrity. Yes the challenge will be to turn OGDC into a profitable and well managed corporation that it was suppossed to be. Its not going to be an easy task considering the political pressures and unprecedented corruption in the country. I wish him the very best and urge to deliver quantifiable results.

  9. a.i.nasir said:

    The right man for the right job. Finally, someone somewhere is making right choices.
    I see light at the end of this gloomy tunnel called my country, if professionals like him are called in to help run it. Professionals who have no other agenda but to do the best they can….honestly, with sincerity and hard work.
    I wish him the best, and also a work environment free from internal and external politics and undue influences.

  10. Muhammad Sadiq said:

    The appointment of Masood Siddqui as Chief of OGDCL, has raised the credibility of those making this happen and to have person in charge of highly valuable Company to bring in value for the Company and for our Country. Congratualtions to all cocnerned.

    Masood brings not only highly valuable International experience and also professionalisim. There is no doubt that this will not only improve credibility of oil sector and but also boost foreign investment in the Country.

    Best wishes,

    Muhammad Sadiq, FCA, Associate CPA( Australia)

  11. Asif Uppal said:

    No One Deserves this better than Masood Siddiqui because of his education, experience, honesty and integrity. I know for a fact that he will make a positive difference. Best of Luck.

  12. Dr.Iram Khurram said:

    Masood Siddiqui is a true patriot,who craves for nothing more than the Prosperity of Paksitan,who loves this nation and shall take this country to the highest possible halah ways of transaction ,to bring happiness to common man in Pakistan.The only problem is for him PAKISTAN comes first …so ..what will the .corrupt people do now?

    • SAMRINA said:


  13. Raheel S Siddiqui said:

    It’s great to know that Pakistan has finally turned in the right direction towards success. I hope him all the best and pray that Pakistan excels from it’s terrorized name to a world renown country with top oil and gas development and infrastructure..Well done and May Allah bless the wise people who appointed Masood Siddiqui as chief of OGDCL.

  14. Nooruddin Hashmi said:

    ddin HashmiA change has been triggered in the history of Pakistan. A bright professional has been entrusted upon to bring a change. Once OGDCL gets right with the change which this man is going to bring, other public energy sectors will find a direction too. And for the other E&P organizations, it is time to be ready to deliver even more efficiently. It will be a two way process for the public as well as multinational companies. So it is time for all to fasten the seat belts to be ready to take off. Enjoy the flight!

    Nooruddin Hashmi

  15. Khawar Siddiqui said:

    Masood Siddiqui is the best choice among the lot.Pakistan has rich reserves in Oil & Gas sectors and country needs professionals like Masood Siddiqui. Best of luck.

  16. Abbas Bilgrami said:

    Masood Siddiqui is an honest, dynamic and excellent e&p professional. Premier Kuffpec was a small company when Masood took it over and made it into a large, well run and profitable institution. Masood has a daunting task ahead of him. The most difficult task will be to handle the political pressures which will be brought to bear upon him. The small minded Altaf bhai comments by Anas are just the kind of jibes he will constantly face. There are very few professionals in the entire state sector. Hopefully his appointment is not just a fluke but a sign of better things to come.

  17. Munawar Usman said:

    A good choice arrived at after a transparent process. This is a challenging position in a challenging environment but we have here a very capable patriot who is taking on these challenges for the sake of the organisation and the country. We should all support the choice and the person. May Allah (swt) guide him and help him achieve his vision for OGDC.

  18. Akbar Sultan said:

    Having known Masood for over 30 years, I can safely say that he has impeccable integrity, a high sense of honor and a true love for the country. I am confident that he will do an amazing job and transform the organization.

  19. NajlaHashmi Sher said:

    The challenges are far greater than anyone can imagin, but InshaAllah not beyond an honest man's will to bring about a change. As long as we have people like him in our government organizations, we can still see light at the end of the tunnel..

    Najla Hashmi Sher

  20. Dr.Iram Siddiqui said:

    Inshallah ,if Allah protects him ,then nothing can harm….so shall he be the answer to the prayers of so many innocent pakistanni awam….may he be the choice and voice and danda of all Pakistannis…ameen

  21. Iqbal Theba said:

    I have known Masood since my days at the University of Oklahoma in USA in the early eighties. He chose to go back to Pakistan unlike many of us who stayed in the US after completing their education. I can assure you that he is an honest apolitical man. He will do what's best for Pakistan. He has my best wishes. Iqbal Theba

  22. Naureen said:

    Having worked with Masood Sidiqui, I can say with utmost confidence that he is a thorough professional and if "ONE" person can turnaround an organization "It's HIM" good to see one good decision by the Govt. of Pakistan. He is a man of principle and flawless character. He was most definitely the best choice!
    Naureen Usmani

  23. Usman Saeed said:

    Masood Siddiqui is the best choice. He had the best credentials amongst all applicants. Known for his integrity and honesty. He chose to stay back in Pakistan when he was being offered much higher salary packages in MNCs abroad. A true patriot. Wish him all the best !!!

  24. Maira said:

    If theres anyone who can solve the energy crisis in pakistan then that would be Masood Siddiqui, as for the pesimissts commenting on this article are mis informed and clearly do not know of Masood Siddiqui as more than a name in the petroleum industry, i suggest that they do some research before hip shooting

  25. Yasin said:

    This is true that you have to select from any pakistani peoples. This is up to person how he prove himself for this challenging post. However, he is an oil industry professional and hope will run the organization successfully. we also pray that OGDCL will flourish during his tenure.

  26. Maheen N. Malik said:

    Undoubtedly the best choice, Mr. Masood Siddiqui is the best choice for this post. He is a thorough professional and a person of integrity who has no political affiliation. I think people should do their homework before writing negative comments. It’s not the matter of our personal likes and dislikes but it’s about what is best for PAKiSTAN. All the best Mr. Siddiqui
    Maheen N.Malik

  27. Dr. Ayub Akbari said:

    I have known Mr. Masood Siddiqui for more than 40 years. He is one of the most honest man in Pakistan and a true patriot. Unlike me and many of my collegues who went to study abroad and never came back, he came back for the love of the country and despite being offered numerous opportubities abroad, never left. The only reason he took this job is to do serve his country and anybody thinking otherwise just does not know him. He is a true patriot. Best wishes and best of luck to you my friend. I hope people realize how lucky they are to have you.

    • SIDDIQI said:


  28. Shaista said:

    Thank God… For once government has taken a right decision …Masood Siddiqui is educated, experienced and is from the same field. He is a non political figure not involved in any corruption cases and above all not hungry for fame and money.
    I think it's high time government start involving such people on key posts and save the country from total downfall.
    We wish Masood best of luck for his most challenging assignment where he will be facing bundles of issues because of Not Being a corrupt Man.
    Masood if any one can bring a change's you so my dear go for it our prayers are with you.

  29. Muqeed said:

    When the going gets tough, the tough get going. I see a tough professional, with the right credentials, rolling up his sleeves to get the house in order. Above all, Masood is a man of integrity which makes it all the more difficult to work in governmental organizations – difficult for others not Masood. Let's all give him the moral support to make this rich organization more profitable – Muqeed

  30. Hashim Abbasi said:

    Some people have quite rightly highlighted the challenges ahead for the holder of this very high profile position. However, if the intentions are right, one can face the challenges with dignity. Masood is one who speaks his mind. Let's hope for the best and wish him well.
    Hashim Abbasi

  31. Errnoe Lipptac said:

    There have been more than ten (10) MDs posted in OGDCL since 2002. Does such massive-frequent Change of Management take place anywhere else in the world?? No, never! So dear fellows, it simply means that there seems to be a Vicious Team certainly inside the company who always remain wrapped around every new MD from day-one to hold of him by wisely de-tracking, presenting false or incomplete data (information) and by addicting with charming gifts, favors, and attractive offers to the close family & friends to the least of his knowledge. These Special Conspirators (called Facilitators inside the company) would always remain present in the key departments like Admin., Protocol, Legal, etc. to play their roles to elegantly trap every new MD. It seems that if every new MD sincerely tried to produce results and make right use of the resources by overruling nepotism, encouraging merit, introducing modern business practices, and by bringing the right fast-paced team ahead, hideous charges of Misuse of Rules and Regulations are outwardly labeled on him. SO OGDCL SEEMS QUITE READY, ONCE AGAIN, TO PUSH ANOTHER GEM DOWN THE HILL LIKE THEY DID WITH M. RAZIUDDIN (FORMER M.D. OF OGDCL) IN THE RECENT PAST.

    • R S said:

      True as your observations of the past may be, they're highly pessimistic. Reading through the comments made in favor and (very few) detracting Mr. Siddiqui, I get the impression he's a man ideally suited for the position. Whether he succeeds or fails, manages to break the cycle of unmanaged/political change is to be seen; but let’s be a bit positive here… and take a balanced view – pessimistically, he'd be just as bad, or made as ineffectual as his predecessors… optimistically, he'll be the best thing since sliced bread… but…. realistically, and not having the benefit of a crystal ball, we can at least say the man has the credentials for the job.

      Let’s all wish him the best

      Rizwan Sher

  32. Shazia Khan said:

    Have worked with Masood in Premier-Kufpec, am confident with Allah SWT blessings, he can deliver beyond expectation simply because he has the potential – the drive and the capability. Good luck Masood (may Allah protect you from the evils Ameen).
    Shazia Khan, Canada

  33. SAMRINA said:


  34. Mona Ali said:

    "People are often Unreasonable and Self-centered,
    Forgive them anyway.
    If you are HONEST, people may cheat you,
    Be HONEST anyway.
    If you find HAPPINESS,people may be JEALOUS,
    Be HAPPY anyway.
    The GOOD you do today,may be forgotten tomorrow,
    Give the world THE BEST YOU HAVE,and it may never be enough,
    In the end it is between YOU and ALLAH,

    The Masood Siddiqui I know, 'works for a Cause and not for Applause.'
    The only reason he is sacrifising his retired life is for the love of his country and to improve the quality of life to his future generations.
    May Allah always protect you from evil and guide you to the right path.Ameen
    Mona Ali.

  35. Masood Siddiqui said:

    I have been reading the comments with interest and I thank all for putting their time into them. 'A POINT IN TIME ARRIVES IN EVERY MANS LIFE WHEN MAKING MONEY OR SEEKING CREDIT IS NO LONGER AS IMPORTANT AS IT USED TO BE, THAT IS THE BEGINNING OF REAL LIFE" This is my favourite saying. Pakistan is a great country with great people, given the chance we can outperform anybody. We have our usuall problems but then who doesn't. Pakistan has given us a lot, it has given shelter to me and my family and friends, it has put food on my table, it has given me recognition and many many other things. And it has done all of this against all odds and in the face of hugh resistance!! So it is time to pay back this great country and its people. I have no hidden agendas or self interest, my only objective in the short term is to reduce the energy crisis of Pakistan in my OWN SMALL way!!. On long term basis I hope to contribute in strengthening the energy security of Pakistan. I am under no illusion that running an organization such as OGDC is a daunting task, but I also believe that there are a bunch of good people in the organization who are willing to work hard and honestly and are competent!! My job will be to give then the enabling environment so that they can do their jobs properly and have fun doing it. I also believe that if ones intentions are clean then "PROVIDENCE" moves. Those of you who know me personally know that I am not a quitter, I win because I believe in the above statements beyond a shade of doubth! I am going to need your help too, support me, assist me. Enroute I am also going to make mistakes, but with everybodys help will have the energy and the strength to recover from them. "DONT DO ANYTHING CAN'T GO WRONG" is not the philisophy I follow but rather I believe that the " GREATEST RISK IN LIFE IS NOT TAKING ONE" 🙂 :):) _Masood Siddiqui

    • Shah Saleem said:

      May Allah Subhanhu wa Taala Bless you with success all the way – it certainly is a uphill task!

      Best of luck and Best wishes from Shah Saleem

  36. Mirza Mansoor said:

    Congrats Massod Saheb, all the very best for this assignment.

  37. Inayat Shirazi said:

    Well I don't know the other 2 gentlemen but one thing I'm sure and can say with certainty that Masood is a true patriot and comes with no political baggage what so ever. At the same time I don't think and can't believe high ups started to make right decisions. I guess this time they were forced to make a right decision… lolzzz (after all the crap decisions and appointments they have been making).

    Another thing which interests me is how Masood is going to survive all the corrupt bureaucrats & contractor mafia…. My prays & best wishes are with him.

    Anyway, it is really a good move and after known him for more than 8 years I can safely vouch for him as the best choice. Congrats to Pakistan our beloved country.

  38. Tariq Quraishi said:

    I met Masood Siddiqui briefly when he visited IGI Bank in early January 2012. From his demeanor and candid comments he looked a person of experience and wisdom.
    I sincerely wish you Mr. Siddiqui all the success in this huge assignment. Let me add "Positions are always accompanied with temptations and influences and withstanding them make us true professionals and men of integrity".

    Tariq Quraishi.

  39. Rab Nawaz Leghari said:

    We appreciate Govt decision to appoint a highly qualified professional having experience of ENI a multinational Exploration & production company. Unfortunately OGDCL was being run with acting MDs since last 3 years . The officers of the company Working in different field locations need to be encouraged by the new MD. he should arrange visits of different field locations & efforts be made to improve the quality standards regarding plant safeties & residential facilities. The pay package of officers also need to be raised & union staff needs to be controlled.

  40. Rab Nawaz Leghari said:

    Pakistan facing a dangerous energy crisis. OGDCL has resources & potential to contribute to solve this issue. Thermal power gas turbines can be installed & operated by the existing engineers & technicians/ operators of the company & the power can be connected to the national grid if OGDCL Management takes this project on war foot basis in coordination with concerned area Power distribution company

  41. Shah Umar said:

    Never mind the challenges the most importatnt fact is that you have the ABILITY and more imprtantly the WILL to contrubute for the betterment of the country. It is people like you who with their knowledge and efforts can take the lead in setting the country back on the right track. So try your best have faith in GOD and there is nothing that you can not achieve. Praying and wishing for you success Good Luck !!!

  42. Javed said:

    Best man for the job. Its good to see that a decision being made purely on merit. All those who want the best for the country will wish him success.

  43. Syed Ziauddin Ahmed said:

    It is indeed a great decision to appoint Masood Siddiqui as MD OGDCL.

    Knowing him for 20 years as a person as well as a professional, I believe in his skills and confident that he will be successfully leading this strategic asset of our country and will take it very high in sha Allah.

    May God be with him (ameen).

  44. Nadeem Khan said:

    Mr. Masood Siddiqui is the right man for this job with his experience in E&P sector and working with different companies of best international repute. His appointment as Chief of OGDCL will bring in value for the Company and for our Country. There is no doubt that this will not only improve credibility of Oil & Gas sector and but would help to expand the organization itself.
    *** Wish you all the best ***

  45. Rais Akhtar said:

    I worked for Masood Siddiqui while he was with Union Texas. As a matter of fact he is truly professional, honest & dedicated person belong to the well reputed family in terms of honesty, dignity & carry value on their shoulders. Like we all know OGDCL is big mass! Well some has to clean it one day. I consider it is BIG BLESSING from GOD to help PKAISTAN & OGDCL. I strongly suggest to all OGDCL employees help yourself by helping him to do GOOD JOB for PAKISTAN & OGDCL. Believe me he is capable to do this. I wish & Pray for very best to him & OGDCL.

  46. Shahab said:

    Friends its plitical appointment, when PPP Govt will be finished, Masood no more will be in OGDC. Wrong Discsion by Masood


  47. Pervez Akhter said:

    He is the best choice. The selection is pure on marit and non political. He is the man who will solve the energy problems and challanges of Pakistan.

  48. A H Siddiqui said:

    Very much true. I worked with MS, he is beyond doubt very much professional, honest & dedicated person. His experience in E&P sector will bring value in OGDC.

  49. Imtiaz Adil said:

    Excited to see this appointment. I know Masood as a thorough, well educated and honest gentleman. I am now optamistic on the future of Pakistan oil and gas industry. God bless Masood.

    Imtiaz Adil

  50. Mujahid Nazir Ahmed said:

    Its one of the best news heard after long time from Pakistan and means transparent process was adopted. I would like to congratulate Masood Siddiqui and really know his potential and leadership skills as a colleague. I wish him best of luck for the new role in the organization and properity of our nation Inshallah will see OGDC growing and contributing to success of Pakistan. May Allah (SWT) guide him and help him achieve his vision for OGDC.

  51. Imtiaz Adil said:

    Happy for him. He deserved the position. I am glad that Government is starting to realize the benefits of merit. This is a good example. Congratulations to Masood.

    Faizan A Faizi Canada (posted by Imtiaz Adil)

  52. Dr.iram Siddiqui said:

    Masoood Siddiqui is not a politically picked or politically affiliated guy at all ,the fact is his honest reputation is required by the current government to get more votes for the future elections, cuz they know now is the time to deliver sum thing seriously,thus they were forced to bring in this honest member of society well known for his norms and common man life style,determined to do or die for the country ,backed up by his family and friends with special duas from his mother,with no benefit for himself in it other than Pakistans well being and success,n to bring peace and harmony in common mans life.Allah shall protect u on every step of the way ,our prayers are with u.Make us PAKISTANIS proud.ameen

  53. Faizaan Faizi said:

    Congratulations to Masood for assuming the position well deserved by him. His appointment will prove good for OGDC. I also commend PM Gilani's decision for upholding merit and fairplay for a change.

  54. Asif Anis said:

    Undoubtedly, Masood is the best candidate of all. The Ministry deserves a pat and 'thank you' for putting up his name before the Prime Minister. I am confident that he will InshaAllah turnaround OGDCL into a viable organization in a short time. I congratulate my country-fellows to finally seeing a person with impeccable integrity, wisdom and relevant experience for the job entrusted with. He needs God's will and our support.
    We all pray for the success of his mission and fully support him.

  55. Khalid Zaki said:

    I trust that Masood will prove himslef to be the right choice. He may not have the past experience of managing a big company like OGDC, this should not go against him. Company size is not important as long as it is run by a good manager and achieves its set goals & objective. The biggest change Masood will bring is new ideas and out of box thinking which is badlly needed in our country. I am sure Masood will run OGDC as an operating company and not a Service company of Oil & gas E & P sector.I also hope that he will only be answerable to a professional Board of Directors and its Chairman. Lets give him a fair chance and free hand with an open mind.

  56. Azmat Ali said:

    I work in OGDCL and the day i got to know that Mr. Masood Siddiqui has been appointed as MD OGDCL and after having a look at his profile I became very excited.

    Thank God Finally this Government has taken one good decision.

    OGDCL is a complex and difficult organization to work with; where you have unionized staff and vendors running the company instead of MDs etc etc but am sure and pray to God that Mr. Siddiqui may succeed in his efforts and can bring positive changes to this company. Not only for us (people working in OGDCL) but for the whole Nation.

    Sir a lot of prayers for you please join quickly… 

  57. Amjad Shah said:

    being as the employee of OGDCL,we welcome Masood sb as new MD of OGDCL.we hope that this man will lift the company whatever now to the corporate leader in E&P industry.there is a great room for improvement in the company like uniform HR policies,uniform maintenance policy,control of labour union,training,paper less working environment,expediting the procurements etc.
    best wishes

  58. Kunwar Moeez Khan said:

    Its music to my ears to hear that OGDCL would finally be run by a person who knows about Oil & Gas. Mr. Naeem Malik was also an excellent person but was unable to continue due to reasons well known to all of us. I hope and pray that this gentleman in allowed to work with his full capacity and does not receive telephone calls from Faryal Talpur and etc for unwarranted favours which result in great looses to the company.

    The problem with OGDCL is the same as with other govt owned companies. Corruption. Mr. Masood Siddiqui should remain vigilant on the procurement department as well as on the stores department in order to curtail the corruption.

    Riaz Khan could never be the MD therefore placing his name was also part of a new corruption nexus. He is not even capable of being an executive. Mr. Masood Siddiqui should check on all contractors especially IE services and keep a keen eye towards his well services department. Mr. Ziauddin Ahmed Khan over there is a prophet in disguise sarcastically speaking………… If i ever get the chance to meet the MD and if he permits me i would show him the ways to deplete corruption from the grass root level. Inshaa Allah Ameen.

  59. Masood Khan said:

    He need to change the face of company, modernize the company, bring OGDCL in line with other companies in world, OGDCL has years old polices those needs to be changed, OGDCL has lost Millions of dollars due to complicated out dated policies.
    There is need of changes in the management, there is need of internal transfers, a person sitting in one position for long time become lazy, there is need of regular internal transfers.

    Masood Khan,
    Dubai, UAE

  60. anis awan said:

    masoo siddique please help jobless persons to get job in ogdcl qadirpur gas field

  61. anis awan said:

    Masood Siddiqui is an honest officer. sir please help those people in getting a job who are jobless. related with qadirpur gas field

  62. Saeed Akhtar said:

    Khalid malik (P&P) is on top in corruption. Who give him charge of (A.Manager) in P&P.??

  63. Jahan ara said:


    It is to state that my husband Muhammad Kamil Khan departed on 29 April 2011 was served at OGDCL for 30 years devotedly out of which his 29 years of service is as staff.
    As my husband is only bread earner of our family. I have only one daughter and son and my son is done MBA (finance). After the death of my husband we are facing great distress financially and psychologically.
    I have send an application to OGDCL they reject the application and current Managing director ogdcl Mr. Masood Siddiqui replied that the policy is only for staff not for officers. Although he was the one of the member of organization who worked day and night to and give his 30 years of services to make this company successful not after his death the company refused to help our family. Why this discrimination does the officers dont eat or the officers dont work for the company.

    Widow of late Muhammad Kamil Khan
    Sr. Accountant, OGDCL, (OG-102340)
    Flat no A-207, Hunaid City, Blk-17,
    Gulistan-e-Johar. Karachi.

  64. qasim ali said:

    sir i am from balochistan disttic dera bugti sir i am job less my qulification is ba and fsc sir i could not offord to come islamabad sir i sent my cv and all documents to ogdcl at islamabad sir it is so astonashed that so many people are newly appointed they are un educated sir you r my last hope kindly appointed me as j p o at pirkoh gas field and i am very poor our whole family will pray for you and sir it is too easy for you kindly do it for me thanks for that act your sincerly
    qasim ali s/o lal muhammad
    cnic no#55102-2444223-7
    ptcl no#0835430297
    email#qasim [email protected]
    postal address#sub thesil pirkoh gas field disttic dera bugti hope coloni ogdcl pirkoh gas field

  65. Ikram said:

    Shahbaz khan OR Usman G Khattak both was the best choice for the subject post.

  66. Shafique Khan said:

    The best person for the job (rather Bigger than the job), I knew one day it will happened.
    May God Protect Masood Siddiqi.

  67. Mohsin Sheraazi said:

    Respected Sir,
    With an optimism for a glooming career here I initiate my formal plead in term of seeking a job in your organization.
    I am fully capable to work around the clock to become over dynamic environment. I will discharge my duties to entire satisfactions of my superiors.
    If you give me a chance in your esteemed organization I assure you Sir, I will satisfy you by amenability and dexterity.
    I hope you will consider my application favorably.
    Yours Faithfully,
    Mohsin Sheraazi


  68. saleem said:

    plz send masood siddqui contact numberany cell number for direct talk 2 him

  69. nisar0 said:

    sir i request to oper camand of ogdcl pl kall#2 is dreld up in mynland and not give mee secortee (well chokedar) mee i try about since one year but not respance give pl. help and solve i pray to all for lifee

  70. nisar0 said:

    requst for kall#02 for (well chokedar) by onar of well our problum not lissan about since 2year pl. halp me!

  71. nisar said:

    i request to siddiqui sab md of ogdcl kall#02 is drell up in my land and all thing witch show that well iss in my land but oficer not give mee secortee off well as rule off ogdcl not given mee sincee 02year try but not lison any body mee (#02 )

  72. akifmanzoor said:

    sir i m akif manzoor from jhang sadar
    sir i m job applyed to floorman on drilling point my contact number03336726260

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