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Haqqani refuses to face Memo Commission

Pakistan’s former Ambassador to the United States, Husain Haqqani has said that his life is threatened in Pakistan and his return is likely only after the eradication of radicalism from his home country.
While giving an interview to CNN Thursday, the former envoy rejected the option of facing the memo commission saying that his life was at risk in Pakistan.
Answering another question he said that Pakistan had serious reservations concerning Afghanistan’s future and the United States’ lack of confidence in Pakistan is uncalled for.
Haqqani added that in order to solve the problems faced, the US would have to understand the sentiments of the people of Pakistan and both the countries would have to resolve their conflicting issues.
Husain Haqqani said that the two countries have “parallel narratives.”
“Pakistanis think that the United States is an untrustworthy ally; the Americans think that Pakistani’s don’t always fulfill their end of the bargain, especially when it comes to terrorism,” Haqqani said.
Ending the deadlock won’t be easy, he said.
“Remember, we need to crack down on these extremists for Pakistan’s sake. More Pakistanis have been killed by them than they have killed Americans. America will leave Afghanistan someday but we will still be haunted by the remnants,” he said.
Hampering any honest discussion between Pakistan and the United States, he said, is “a small group of people ideologically motivated and seeking essentially the domination of an Islamist ideology within Pakistan, but unable to get votes.”

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  1. Naeem said:

    Hussain Haqqani is brilliant mind of Pakistan being wasted by establishment and judiciary and right minded hawks.

    • SKfro said:

      No doubt a brilliant mind but totally wasted in a shell as corrupt as this man. Hopefully he will do the deed and put his life out of misery.

      • Mr.Umair iqbal said:

        mr nameen if he is intelligent then he should face the court because no one is above the law .if intelligent then what ?should he be left for the crime which he committed?He issued a number of visas to CIA agents without knowing their background. You are saying he is intelligent. he is a sheer rebellious person and higher Judiciary should call him back and a case of treason must be registered against him. He is not intelligent but shrewd person .

        • naazneen said:

          Mr umair iqbal he should face those courts which failed to convict and punish any terrorist though 40000 innocent Pakistanis are dead at the hands of the terrorists.
          First your highest judiciary should settle other pressing hundred and thousands of matters and then they should call Haqani.I want to know who issued the visa to osama to live in the army area of Pakistan
          Pls visit my favourite blog to clear the dust from your mind http://www.mullahmilitarymilitantsandjudiciary.bl

  2. J Khan said:

    A crook, an evil genius who serves his own needs and sell his daughter if it serves his purpose.

  3. Ashiq Hussain said:

    Rule of law gives Mansoor Ejaz who is a known crook facilty for video conference…while Haqqani was asked to resign and submitt his passport to Rule of Law…Is this rule of Law

  4. Ishtiaq Hussain said:

    He is a very good author…and is being punished for writing the book, "Between Mosque and Military'……

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